Wednesday, October 31, 2007

KVOK Kodiak AK 560 - verification

It was amazing to pick up finally KVOK Kodiak AK on 560 kHz just two weeks ago during ENOX2! Like KVAK and KRSA also KVOK has been on my list of most wanted stations for years. KVOK used the slogans "Your Homeport Radio Station" and Kodiak's Pure Country, AM 5-60 KVOK".
Tonight KVOK's morning DJ verified my report with a kind e-mail. My AK #40.

LEM249: 27.10-3.11 (ANA, TRE)

Wednesday 31.10

LEM249 TRE & ANA (October 27 - November 3): the conditions appear to be improving after our rather modest start. This morning very mixed conditions providing us with strong signals from La Plata to the Caribbean. Our best catches so far: XEO 970, KJUG 1270, CBC Barbados 900 and Trinidad BC 730.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

AND1: 19-27.10 (JA, OF, TBV, GF)

Saturday 27.10

AND1 report Oct.27: Good conditions to Brasil from 23 to Θ2 UTC, then to La Plata and Brasil Θ5 to Θ6:3Θ. Radio Nihuil 68Θ kHz had a strong signal. Poor NA conditions with only some stations from AB and CA reachìng fair to good levels.

Friday 26.10

AND1 report Oct.26: The first Brazilians were heard at 2Θ:1Θ UTC. Then things changed quickly. 156Θ Radio Disney was noted at 2Θ:2Θ and at 21:Θ5 we were listening to 129Θ CFRW. Occasionally very good signals were heard from SK, MB and AB for the remainder of the evening and the night.

Thursday 25.10

AND1 report Oct.25: Interesting NA conditions early in the night. The most noteworthy stations were 141Θ WNER, 147Θ WNYY and 157Θ WFLR. Fairly poor and widespread conditions at LSR.

Wednesday 24.10

AND1 report for Oct.24: The first stations from Brasil were audible at 2Θ:2Θ UTC. Signals slowly became stronger and by Θ2 UTC we were thinking we had mistakenly stated good conditions to South America over the last several days.
Surprisingly condìtions improved further. From Θ4 to after 1Θ UTC we had a huge opening to North America with fabulous signals from QC in the north to FL in the south and MI in the west.
Can things get better before the next coronal hole stream strikes?

Tuesday 23.10

AND1 report Oct.23: Unstable conditions all night and morning. Many nice signals from Brazil starting as early as 2Θ:4Θ UTC. Within 1 hour stations from ME, MA, NY, QC and ON began to dominate TA fqs. Later on it was back to Brasil. From Θ4:3Θ UTC we had 2 hours of strong signals on almost all TA fqs from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia and Brasil. Examples: 74Θ WIAC, 76Θ WORA.

Monday 22.10

AND1 report for Oct.22: Nice opening to ID and OR just after midnight. 13ΘΘ KAPL strong peaks before their LSS. Good conditions to OR, WA, BC and AB continued throughout the night and the morning. 55Θ KOAC was heard for hours.

Sunday 21.10

AND1 report Oct.21: Superb La Plata conditions from 22:5Θ UTC until Θ5. Brazilians on nearly all TA fqs during the last hour before LSR. Some excellent signals from the Caribbean: 54Θ Grenada and 64Θ Guadeloupe. A fairly good opening to the Great Lakes and further west lasted about 1 hour from ΘΘ:3Θ UTC

Saturday 20.10

2Θ.1Θ. report from AND1 (69NΘ2 15E31): Poor night with some ON stns noted around Θ1 UT, then MB and SK. After Θ5 UT some nice signals from south Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina below 1ΘΘΘ kHz. 55Θ Colonia, 59Θ Continental, 6ΘΘ Gaucha and 62Θ Jovem Pan had the best signals. JA, OF, TBV and GF
AND1 location: 69N02 15E31. This is on the island Andoya in the north of Norway

Friday, October 26, 2007

KKFX Portland OR 1080 -verification

I captured "1080 The Fan" during ENOX2. At the time of the reception the KKFX's signal was very strong indeed although KUDO tried to take over the frequency at the same time. Program Director verified my report just an hour ago with a short but friendly e-mail.
ENOX2 offered many new OR -stations for me with exceptionally clear and strong signals.

KWAD Wadena MN 920 -verification

I heard KWAD Wadena, MN 920 for the first time during ENOX2 some days ago. The station had a clear TOH -ID :"“Minnesota’s best! 92 KWAD Wadena and 14-30 KNSP Staples” but faded away soon after that. PD verified my report and mentioned :
"Our area has a very large population of Finnish descendants. As a matter of fact the area from Sebeka, MN to Menahga, MN to New York Mills, MN is known locally as the finnish triangle, wonderful people with "sisu." We also boradcast a weekly religious program in the finnish language. Again, very nice to hear from you."
KWAD seems to be very DX-friendly station so don't hesitate to write to them in case you hear KWAD!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

KIXZ Amarillo TX 940 - verification

KIXZ was a very pleasant surprise on 940 kHz during ENOX2. It used a slogan "Newsradio 9-40" and had a fine "KIXZ Amarillo - Fox Newsradio 9-40" identification on the top of the hour. PD confirmed the reception by an e-mail message with a fine station logo.
Great to hear a new Texas station on a regional channel!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CHNL Kamloops BC 610 - verification

CHNL is my second new verified station from British Columbia, Canada during ENOX2. It bounced to Enontekiö very strongly on October 16, 2007. 610 kHz was crowded with NA -stations at the time but the "NL" radio managed to dominate this frequency just when it had a nice ID and many spots in a row.

CHNL program director kindly verified my report and mentioned: "We don't get too may QSL requests anymore but it still amazes us that you are able to get us when we have local people 50km away who are having a hard time getting a clear signal at night."

This was my BC -station #37.

WKTY La Crosse WI 580 -verification

WKTY 580 kHz was heard quite often during ENOX2. It run Sporting News Radio programming and had a pretty loud and clear signal at times. After CKY signed off permanently on 580 kHz this freqyency has become a very good spot on AM -band with many different stations depending on the conditions.
WKTY program director verified my report this evening with a kind e-mail.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CKOV Kelowna BC 630 - verification

This one was a real gem since it is not been herad in Finland before. October 16th was a very good day for the BC- and US west coast stations and CKOV faded in pretty strongly on 630 kHz with CHED and a bunch of other stations.
CKOV program director verified my report and wrote:
"We have just flipped from AM to FM and we will soon be losing our AM dial position of 630. The new FM position on the dial is 103.1. "
So be carefull and pick up CKOV before it's too late!

KVAK Valdez AK 1230 -verification

KVAK became my first verificatin from ENOX2 -pedition. It had a huge signal when I captured it on October 16, 2006 at 13:30 UTC. Moreover KVAK was badly off it's nominal frequency as the real frequency was 1229.918 kHz.
It was nice to get a long hunted station right in the beginning of the season. KVAK verified in 12 hours with e-mail QSL.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ENOX2: 10-20.10 (JVA,TUA)

TUA whole time, JVA 12-16.10

Friday 19.10

Last night began promising with some NF- and the US east coast stations audible already 20:30 UTC. Night continued with many common stations but nothing very special. However, I got loud and clear IDs from some decent stations including WKBK-1290 and WYOS 1360. Because of quite bad CH -disturbance cxs were quite poor in the morning and during the whole day.
The good news for today is KACH 1340 and KBLE 1050 which I found while checking the ENOX2 -files. This is my last report from ENOX2. I will conclude this pedition tomorrow morning. I wish all the best to PAX-, LEM- and KONG -crews. TuA

Thursday 18.10

Conditions got worse last night and that's why there is not much to report on that side. Instead of live listening I have checked a little bit the recordings of the previous days. I have found a couple of interesting stations; WILS 1320, KTSM 690, KFXX 1080, KWLM 1340 and KWVR 1340 are worth to mention. I guess that it takes now some days before the good NA conditions come back. However, I hope that some new stations will be fading in tomorrow and Saturday after all. TuA

Wednesday 17.10

Firstly, GONGRATULATIONS to the KONG17 crew for the outstanding loggings from New Zealand and Australia. Great! It has been raining all day here in Enontekiö and almost all the snow has faded away. it's foggy and wet outsaid.The night was quiet without many NAs on the band. However, the morning and afternoon were better and I managed to pick up some nice west coast stations like KLKI 1340, KPOW 1260 and KSRA 960. Hopefully next 24 hours will offer more... TuA

Tuesday 16.10

Very good, very good indeed! Nice west coast and Alaska conditions almost all day. The first stations from NF faded in about 21 UTC and after that there were stations with good signals all night and all day long until 15 UTC today. As Jari mentioned before we had lot of work with our rxs last night but luckily it all ended up OK.
We have checked some of our files but only on the TOH. Some of the most interesting stations from today's logbook: CKOV 630, CHNL 610, KTMT 580, KKXN 840, KVNU 610, KRTA 610, KFLD 870, KHHO 850 and finally after about 20 years of trying ....KVAK 1230 with super signal late in the afternoon! TuA
Just arrived from Enontekiö to Oulu. TUA is still in Enontekiö, where is snow however it rains whole time from Kolari to Oulu. However DX-conditions was still good. Again stations from 21utc and in the morning stations on almost every MW frequency. But we had some problems with SDR radio so we can't concentrate to listening from 21utc to 23utc - or have you ever read in DX-pedition manual of FTDI chip programme and programmed EEPROM?At first our PC didn't identify our IQ-radio. We think that it is broken, but Pieter told that there can be problems with EEPROM. So we loaded from net MProg programme and programmed EEPROM with file that Pieter send to us. Thanks to Pieter - fortunately we had internet connection and now IQ is OK.There was also crackle from usb-ports when we had two SDR-radios on same PC. This is big problem and I have no answer how to avoid it. Perhaps it would better to use desktop PC:s.The terrain around the QTH is not 100% ideal, but there our antennas are!! JVA

Monday 15.10

NA from 21 UTC to 15:50 UTC. In the night mostly from ON, ME, NY and OH. US west cost faded in about 10 UTC. Finally AK and HI very strongly.
From today's log: WKTY 580, CKAT-600, KMVI-550, KHPY-1670, KRJO-1680, KINY-800, KORL 1180, KRSA 580, KVOK 560. JVA TuA

Sunday 14.10

Sunday wasn't as good as we expected in the morning. In spite of the fact that many NF -stations were audible as early as 2100 UTC the night was a disappointment. In the morning stations faded out around 7 UTC but just before that many stations from MN, SD and ND came in strongly. Later at 9utc there was a short peak to the US west coast and finally starting at 1400 UTC very strong AK- and HI -opening.
From the logbook: KYKN 1430, KLAM 1450, KHBC 1060, KSHO 920, KMAS 1030, KSDN 930, KJJD 1170, WJOY 1230, KBKW 1450.
It was snowing in Enontekiö last night and temperature right now (05:40 UTC) is a couple of degres below zero . Quite nice cxs from Venezuela to west coast beginning from about 02 UTC. Plenty to listen to all the time and we guess we'll have busy day ahead... JVA TuA

Saturday 13.10

Nice weather with sunshine all day and so we had today some outdoor activities around the QTH. Cx were not very interesting - many stations but mostly the common ones.

Some stations from our logbook; KALL 700, KEYZ 660, KXNT 840, CHTM 610, KTCT-1050 and CJRS 1650. JVA TuA

Friday 12.10

Pretty good day with mainly west coast stations. Nothing very special but however some new ones for me - KUGN 590, KFMB 760 and WCCW 1310. JVA came in the evening with his impressive SDR equipment! JVA, TuA

Thursday 11.10

Arrived in Enontekiö on Wednesday evening to continue testing the PUDXK's new MW -QTH in the Arctic. Nice cx all day with many hours interesting recordings on the files. Cx were mostly towards Rockies and the west coast. Since our antenna array consists only two beverages towards NA you could not expect many rare catches from today's cx. As almost all files are unchecked at the moment I won't write any loggings this time. However I got a clear and loud ID from KOAC-550 in the morning! Quite promising day... PUDXKcrew/TuA

Saturday, October 13, 2007

LEM247: 6 - 13.10 (JHY, MKA)

Saturday 13.10

LEM 247 is over and the crew is happy. Yesterday Tahiti, Tonga, Marshall Islands, both stations and 684 Fiji. Tahiti from 0653 UTC. Later japanese from south. This morning La Plata and Great Lakes. The bad news are US digital AM stations interference, many freq blocked and also that NHK2 is signing on later, 2100 UTC. Some stations. 549 JOAP, 792 JOAP via Naze, 1125 JOLC, 1152 JORB, 801 KTWR, 900 CHML, 960 CFFX, 980 CKRU, CFPL and 1290 R Murialdo

Thursday 11.10

Every day better and better. Few of the best. 585 JOPG, 1161 JOIK via Rumoi, Imakene, 1060 KHBC Hilo, 660 KEYZ, 980 KRZZ, 560 XEXZ, 640 XEJUA, 1070 XEE, 1540 LT35 R Mon, 1560 LT11 R. Gral Fransisco Ramirez. Last night 705 LNR Luang Prabang and today FE russians on 1224 and 1476. Also Tonga the first time. Tomorrow will be the best day!

Wednesday 10.10

Nice, nice, nice. Some new japanese 531 JOQG, 846 JOPG, 963 JOTG, 1359 JOJB via Wajima, 1584 JOQC etc, regional programme. And 1503 2 BS, 1620 4KZ. From South East Asia 580 RN Laos, 1475 RM Kota Kinabalu. Many graveyards, but also 1540 KMPC. Tomorrow more. Best catches ( private opinion). 684 Iwate Hoso, 855 RRI Medan, 1062 DZEC, V7AD Majuro 1098, 700 KALL, 930 KOGA, 1310 WCCW, 680 LV6 R Nihul. And the best conditions are still coming....

Tuesday 9.10

Since saturday 6th of October every day good conditions. And what's best to the different directions. La Plata, Cuba, Rocky Mountains, New England, Hawaiji and Japan. Also some Aussies. No FFF's, but some japanese stations hunted for 15 years. List of the best tomorrow.

Monday, October 08, 2007

King´s Village DX in September

Hi all;

Some DX in September:

Not very much of DXing to report during September. Still waiting to put my Far East BOG onto the ground. However I tested it a few days in Sept. with good Far East conditions (14-17): mainly Chinese, but some other interesting DX-catches also. I noted Mainichi Hoso JOFR 1278 with sign off for a Silent Period on Sunday night 18 utc - at the same time the programme was heard // on 1197 - that channel is pretty hard to get in Southern Finland. The station has call-ID just at 18.00 utc with all relay stations mentioned (JOFE & JOFO). A new station for me. Also some other interesting channels of Japanese (like 1233, 1368 NHK, 1422 were heard.
As far as TA´s is concerned, quite a few NA & LA-signals were noted during September. Only one more intresting for me was a Columbian HJJH Radio Ciudad Milagro Armenía on 1460 kHz. Usually it is Nuevo Continente here dominating, but on Sept 30 that was not the case. Call-ID at s/off 0403 utc, this one seems to be a bit lower than N.C. (on 1459.992). Thanks for checking my recording JEÖ & JPR!

New model of KWZ this / next year ?

I made a trip to Germany in September and I visited the factory of Kneisner&Doering briefly at Braunschweig. It was a nice discussion with Mr. Kneisner who unveiled a bit of the new model of KWZ-receiver: indeed we can wait for a true 32-bit DSP rx with some interesting features like even better dynamics than the old one + spectrum display etc. So I am really looking forward in seeing a real DX-receiver after many years of decline of producing of the good receivers for DXers also. At the picture you can see a part of the new set - the test of the control software was going on. We talked also about their model of SDR-receiver which we hope to test by the PUDXK-team later on. The SDR is based on SDR-1000 model using the same software.

Let´s start the DXing of the October's good DX-condtions (on Oct 8 - 16). 73´s TK

Saturday, October 06, 2007

LEM246: 28.9–6.10.2007 (HS, JMS)

Saturday 6.10

LEM246, 6.10.: Time to return home! Two weeks of intensive dxing has been hard work. Last evening loads of Chinese and 4QN 630 booming. Brazilians all night long, starting already at 2020 UTC with Radio Sao Francisco 1240. Then at 04 UTC NA West Coast, eg. KBAR 1230. Thanks for reading this blog. We wish all the best for the next expeditions and would like to close with some Finnish lyrics (säv. Hector): Maanantaina kinkkejä - tiistaina kinkkejä - keskiviikkona torstaina kinkkejä - perjantaina kinkkejä - lauantaina kinkkejä - sunnuntaina sikana kinkkejä. Zai jian! Håkan Sundman (HS) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Friday 5.10

LEM246, 5.10.: Last evening we had a very sharp peak to Sydney: 2RN Sydney 576, 2PB Sydney 630, 2BL Sydney 702, 2NC Newcastle 1233, 2SM Sydney 1269 and 2BS Bathurst 1503. Also some interesting x-banders. After spending over 60 days in Lemmenjoki in September (our total days between the years 2000-2007) we feel it was not luck, we deserved it ;) Trans-Atlantic dx remains poor. The only highlight from that part has been Radio Sao Francisco 1240, with a huge signal around midnights. HS & JMS

Thursday 4.10

LEM 246, 4.10.: Very good Asian conditions continue. Also some Aussies, but no identifications - on run at least. Micronesia 4755 was a lovely surprise, thanks Mauno for the hint. Trans-Atlantic dx is very poor.HS & JMS

Wednesday 3.10

LEM 246, 3.10.: Moderate Asian conditions last evening. No Aussies, not even the x-banders. But Okinawa was strong instead, eg. Radio Okinawa 864 was like a local station. The night was very poor, and the morning was even poorer. Just some most common North Americans and Brazilians. HS & JMS

Tuesday 2.10

LEM 246, 2.10.: Finally last evening, after 11 days, it was time for some Aussies. X-banders were strong (4DB 1611, 4KZ 1620, 2ME 1638, Club AM 1683), but also some normal band stations were heard, the best being 2BS Gold, Bathurst on 1503. Early night (21-22) was crazy with Brazilians. Then back to a mediocre early morning with a short peak at 0430 to La Plata. HS & JMS

Monday 1.10

LEM246, Monday 1.10.: Last evening many interesting Chinese stations: Zhengzhou Xinwen Guangbo 549, Jiangsu Gushi Guangbo 585, Shandong Guangbo Di Liu Pingdao 621 etc. The night and the morning were very poor. Some Brazilians around 22 and 03 UTC, but just for some 20 minutes. Actually it was the worst sunrise opening during LEM245 and 246. The weather is unusually warm. Yesterday we had +29.3, even though the thermometer was in direct sunlight. Well, beutiful and warm anyway.HS & JMS

Sunday 30.9

LEM 246, Sunday 30.9.: No North Americans last night, but instead a strong (but short) Orinoco & Chile opening at sunrise. Last evening was quite poor with Asian stations, the only region conditions favoured was Yunnan province in China. Some identified stations from the Mexican & NA conditions on the 29th: XEREV 770, KUTR 820, KMRI 1550. Many other Mexicans with unidentified frequency slogans only. HS & JMS

Saturday 29.9

LEM246, 29.9.: A new start after five hard working days in Helsinki. Now together with HS. Last night a strong Mexico opening around 0230-0330 UTC. Also some NA, like KENT Parowan, UT 1400 and KULY Ulysses, KS 1420. At 04 all stations were gone. The minor storm is really providing interesting listening. HS and JMS (Håkan Sundman and Jim Solatie)