Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WELY Ely MN 1450 - a former Finnish speaking station in Minnesota

Another rare catch from Minnesota on ENOX19 was WELY Ely on 1450 kHz. It's not the most usual station to be heard here but however, it has been picked up a couple of times before in Scandinavia. WELY verified kindly in a few hours. The v/s wrote:
"Thank you for your email. The recording you sent was indeed our AM station. It was a station ID “News, talk, sports; AM 1450 WELY.”
We do have a large Finnish population in the region. We had Finnish language show in the past called Aamuhetki that we hope to revive again. Our news director and morning show host was born near Helsinki and recently spent a year studying music in Kaustinen. It seems quite fitting that our station was heard in your region."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KNUJ New Ulm MN 860 kHz

KNUJ on 860 became so far one of the highlights of ENOX19 some weeks ago. This one faded strongly in one late afternoon and the signal was audible for about a half an hour. CBKF2 from Saskatoon mixed up at times with KNUJ but remarkably the usual dominants in the afternoon CHAK and CFPR were not audible at all on 860 kHz at the time.
KNUJ news director was very surpised since he could hear himself reading an ad and giving the station's phone number on my mp3 -audio. KNUJ verified with a kind email in a couple of hours.

Dakota Country stations 1220 kHz and 1600 kHz verified!

KDDR Oakes, ND 1220 kHz and KDAK Carrington, ND 1600 kHz both were captured on the same day during ENOX19. They both verified also on the same day - but in two different emails!

Actually KDDR was picked up several times on ENOX19. KDAK only once but luckily on the top of the hour with a legal ID. After these two QSLs I'm still missing KOVC 1490 - a third station in the Dakota Country network. Hopefully I'll come across KOVC one of my unopened files from this great MN/ND opening on ENOX19.

Monday, December 28, 2009

KYES Rockville MN 1180 - finally verified!

KYES on 1180 AM got very excited about the first reception reports they received this fall. However, after a while they got tired of many, many reports and emails they got from overseas including Scandinavia and they stopped answering them. I myself picked up KYES on October 5 this year but I didn't succeeded in receiving QSL direct from the station.
Today Relevant Radio headquarters kindly sent me an email including the complete verification of my KYES 1180 reception. KYES became my MN #51.
Tnx ABU for sharing the v/s -information!

KMSR Mayville ND - another ESPN affiliate on 1520 kHz

During ENOX19 on the quite strong MN/SD/ND -opening I checked also 1520 kHz. I noticed ESPN programming going on and I thought it's KOLM Rochester with its ESPN coverage. The signal faded in and out but just on the top of the hour the signal got stronger and stronger and I picked up KMSR Mayville legal ID. It was a pleasant surprise indeed! Actually I heard this one already back in 2005 as KMAV but since I did not hear a complete ID back then I could not get the QSL either.
This time the station manager quicky verified my report with a short email.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

KORN Mitchell SD 1490 kHz- talk of the town

KORN faded in on the top of the hour with its legal ID and ABC News coverage. KORN used its slogan "Talk of The Town" just before the legal ID. Signal was quite loud and clear for some minutes but gradually KORN faded out totally.
A very kind verification came in a couple of hours and KORN became my SD #25.


Friday, December 25, 2009

KKIN Aitkin MN - a pleasant surprise on 930 kHz

KKIN faded in this time on its daytime power of 2500 watts with a clear legal ID on the top of the hour. Some moments earlier 930 kHz were occupied by CJCA and KSDN. This one has not been heard in Finland before. KKIN verified with a very kind email within two days. Later on the v/s attached a station logo as well.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KHTS Canyon Country, CA 1220 kHz - a Hometown Station

Heard this one late in the afternoon on ENOX19. They had a nice jingle "AM 1220, KHTS" and they also mentioned their slogan "A Hometown Station". This was my CA #57 and this season's second new station for me on 1220 kHz along with KDDR.
KHTS verified my report and mp3 with a kind email in 6 hours today.


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sun is Standing !


In the meantime when we also are in the middle of snow and ice in Europe we can enjoy the best medium wave conditions towards the Northern Dimensions!

The photo shows the scene at Abborsfors 10 kms South of the Kungsboele QTH, three days before the solstice, the weather was still fine with sun and - 19 centigrades (18 Dec 10 UTC).

More about latest DX soon.

73 TK

Friday, December 18, 2009

KCSP Kansas City MO 610 kHz

There was often a bunch of stations on 610 kHz during ENOX19 especially in the morning and in the afternoon. However, so far I have found only one station that I haven't heard before on 610 kHz. It was KCSP from Kansas City that faded in strongly on the top of the hour in one morning. KCSP identified as "610 Sportradio, KCSP Kansas City". PD verified my report in 12 hours with an email.

Friday, December 11, 2009

ENOX19 offered new ones from SC and NM today

After two long working days I arrived in Enontekiö late Thursday evening and went straight to bed. I let the SDRs do the listening and saving in the night.
Conditions this morning and afternoon were good with many fine stations on the band. The most interesting catches include KANA-580, KSUB-590, KCSP-610, KHTS-1220, WLMA-1350 and KHOB-1390. WLMA and KHOB both with fine, strong TOH IDs.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

LEM279 - WKWF Key West FL 1600

I heard WKWF a few years ago in Långåminne - the legendary DX-site some 20 km south of Vaasa. At that time I didn't get a verification. During LEM279, the 14th of Oct. I picked them up again and this time I was lucky enough to get a nice verification e-mail and coverage map from Nancy D'Amato (Sr. Marketing Exec.). Thank you Nancy for your nice e-letter!

Last week I received nice WROD's t-shirt from Lori Bailey. The shirt fits perfectly! Thank you again Lori!

Some time tomorrow I will post an updated LEM279 log. Yesterday's best finding from the recordings: KKAT Salt Lake City UT 860. They've changed their format from OLD to TLK. They now use slogan "Utah's Big Talker".

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Arrived in Enontekiö late Monday night. A few stations faded in and out around 2100 UTC but nothing special. Later in the night and morning stations mainly from east coast with steady signals. After 1000 UTC especially Minnesota and Dakotas offered interesting stations. KDAK-1600, KDDR-1220, KORN-1490 and WCMP-1350 were the new ones in my logbook.
It is cloudy and -1C outside. I'm going to stay a few days so stay tuned.

Monday, December 07, 2009

ENOX18 final update 3.12.

The final day for ENOX18 mostly followed the painful pattern: in practice nothing in the evening, in practice nothing in the night...

However, in the morning at around 07 UTC the signal levels rose and remained slightly better than on any of the preceeding 5 days. Still without any specific direction and just the usual dominant stations. Far from interesting but, in any case, living proof of the fact that the signals had not gone to sleep forever.

In the afternoon it was time to start packing - the end of ENOX18, the expedition with one of the strangest contrasts between geomagnetic indices and signal levels ever experienced.

73 HN

Friday, December 04, 2009

News from the King´s Village

While waiting for the the real scientific answer of the current depression in North Dimension DX-conditions (mid-winter anomaly, higher (or lower) than usual Electronic density, too stable sun, new Iron curtain over the Scandinavia etc) , I´d like to remind of some new material at the King´s Village DX blog. Some items has been added after response from the DX-stations of the October and November. No news of the BOGbiters now, the beginning of the BOG has been partly under the water and no fish found (yet!).
Soon, it´s time to celebrate the St Nico´s day (the day of the inventor of Perseus receiver and another good guy a few centuries ago). And what´s more we will celebrate the independence of Finland on the very same day! How can we manage to do that remains to be seen.
73 TK

Thursday, December 03, 2009

ENOX18 Update 2.12. - "Howling at the moon"

Not an awful lot to add to yesterday´s report - except that the conditions have been even worse than yesterday.

The evening started with a promise of an early opening, but the interesting signals practically died out before the party really had started. Early in the night some weak signals, most interesting on some graveyard frequencies. However, after several hours spent on chasing the signals from the recordings only brought a couple of weak identifications.

Morning and daytime were some kind of records for themselves: as if some disturbance had blocked the signals almost completely andeven the weak ones were gone after midday...

How bad can this get... new tricks are needed after the nails are already beaten and howling at the full moon has not produced any results !

After intensive listening to the few recordings from last night and previous days: KDWN-720, WYTS-1230, KTRF-1230, KSTC-1230, KDLR-1240, WJON-1240. WOND-1400, WSAM-1400, KDBM-1490. And of course KVGB-1590 with a huge signal - the perfect sign of "pureBS" conditions !

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ENOX18 - 1.12

It is a known fact that good index values do not necessarily bring good conditions, but today was somewhat a record in that respect.

The evening was quiet and the band started opening a bit late, at around 2230 UTC, directly to the Great Lakes region. However, after about one hour the signals died out completely and did not return in any quality. Stations were weak and the band felt like during periods of solar maximum, with "dizzy" signals.

In the hours before noon it was a bit here and there, if recording even the TOH:s would be worthwhile, not even to mention recording at other times. The few weak signals came from Brazil to the west coast with no predictability. In the afternoon it was time to have a look at antennas, as there were practically no signals, except for most common Alaska in the lower end of the band.

Hopes are still high for improvement - it should not be too difficult from this level...

Some identified stations: WVNA-1590, WMLM-1520, WBRN-1460, WQXO-1400, WGIV-1370, XEU-930.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

WXBR Brockton MA 1460 - a real surprise from the US east coast

WXBR surfaced all alone on 1460 kHz on one morning on ENOX17. According to the statistics it has been heard only once before in Finland. So it was a very pleasant surprise indeed. WXBR faded in just on the top of the hour with legal ID announcing call letters, frequency and location. A kind email verification arrived in 24 hours.

ENOX18 30.11.

Significant improvement from yesterday, but still unstable and without direction. Some of the most usual east coast stations (e.g. WKOX-1200), together with NL-stations around 2130 UTC, but no positive development as the night went on.

Slow start in the morning with just a handful of stations at 0600 UTC. Improving before 0700 UTC with emphasis on east coast; however west coast mixing, so that there was no specific direction.

At times quite clear and strong signals from common stations, but unstable. Still, if improvement continues, the following days will hopefully be interesting.

Most interesting loggings: KVTK-1570, KMOG-1420, KPOW-1260, KLTZ-1240, KPRZ-1210, XEMMM-940, CHNL-610, KSUB-590, KANA-580, KFYR-550.

Monday, November 30, 2009

KYSM Mankato MN 1230 - The Fan!

KYSM faded in once on the top of the hour with a decent signal during ENOX17. It was audible only for a few seconds but luckily KYSM gave the legal ID right then. It became my #49 verified station from Minnesota and KYSM is my #4 MN on 1230 kHz. The station's Operations Manager verified my report and mp3 with an email in 3 days.


ENOX18 started on 27.11.2009 (Hannu Niilekselä, HN)


I arrived at ENOX on Friday evening, of course with hopes for good cx and daytimers to start with. But, as realistically expected, the effects of this weeks disturbance were there and the (only) highlight of the first evening was WWKB-1520 at 2100 UTC.

On Saturday, 28.11. at 0600 UTC nothing, but before 0700 UTC a host of most common stations started coming in and at 0800 UTC there were stations with fair signals from all directions, including HI. The signals were, however unstable and so uninteresting that I only made recordings for TOH-identifications, which continued with weakening signals until 1100 UTC. Then nothing. Upon checking them I could only note that the feeling had been right: nothing interesting was found. In the evening, Harbour Light on 1400 was the highlight at 2300 UTC, best with the 315 degree antenna...No idea staying up or recording the night...

On Sunday morning the highlight was a razorsharp corridor to Arequipa, Peru, with beautiful and stable signals for 1310 R Libertad, 1240 R Lider and 1220 R Melodia, all with the 297 degree antenna. Other LA-signals very weak - practically no NA. Small opening to NA in the early afternoon with KCHA-1580, WPVL-1590 and KWOK-1490 being the most interesting stations - all again with the 297 degree antenna at the same time. But practically nothing else.

So, it is very far from wild - but the positive factor being that there is very likely only improvement ahead .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KCHA Charles City, IA plays Timeless Favorites on 1580 kHz

CKDO and KGAL were the usual two stations that could be heard on 1580 kHz on ENOX17. CKDO in the nights and mornings and KGAL middays and afternoons. However, KCHA faded in over CKDO once on the top of the hour announcing a legal ID followed by the ABC news. KCHA's General Manager told in his email that KCHA receives very seldom reception reports from foreign listeners but their sister on 1650 kHz gets many reports from Scandinacia every fall and winter.

GM verified my report and mp3 in two days with an email message.

Monday, November 23, 2009

LEM279 Harvesting

Hi, fellow DXers,

Checking of LEM279 files on my side is progressing quite slowly, but steadily. Martti (Mka)has been much more diligent lately. We've started to update our log, which can be found at Please, check it out.

A few reports out and a few QSLs in:

KKEA Honolulu HI 1420 e-mail from Chris Hart, PD. Thanks Chris!
KLHT Honolulu HI 1040 nice e-amil from Jake O'Neill, GM. Aloha and Agape Jake!

WFIR Roanoke VA 960. Believe it or not, my very first VA!
Thanks Joey!

WLCM Holt-Lansing MI 1390 e-mail from Jeff Frank. Thanks Jeff!
WFIF Milford CT 1500 nice e-mail from the station manager. Thanks MJ for v/s info.
KUTR Taylorville UT 820 two e-mails from Robby Dilmore & Bryan Brown. Thanks Robby for your kind correspondence!
KFYR Bismarck ND e-mail from Phil Parker.

WSEG Savannah GA 1400 e-mail from Gary Mermitt. We had a nice two-hour opening towards FL, GA and SC on the 13th of Oct. between 06:00 - 08:00 UTC. Nice id and Kyu Sakamoto's classic "Ue wo muite arakou", known as "Sukiyaki" in the Western World.

WZFG Dilforth MN "The Flag" 1100. Nice e-mails from Jill Helm OM & Dustin Moore PD.
WROD Daytona Beach FL 1340 e-mail. Lori Bailey, Business Manager wrote: "Very impressive! We here at the station have been talking about your email all morning... Lori promised to send me a t-shirt. Very nice!

WYRD Greenville SC 1330 nice e-mail from Bob McLain, PD. Thanks Bob! This station identified after the news as "Newsradio 1330 and 950 WORD". I sent a "thank you" e-mail to Bob and told him I heard during the very same opening also WTMA Charleston SC on 1250. Bob responded immediately: "That's ironic. In the late 1970's I was program Director and Morning Show DJ on WTMA when it was a rock and roll top 40 station. Their transmitter is located next to a salt marsh in the Low Country on South Carolina.At then time it was co-owned by Ted Turner, who went on to start CNN."

That's all this time. Hope to get more reports out soon! 73's JSN.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

ENOX10 loggings updates

590 XEPH Sabrosita, México, DF
610 + KILT Houston, TX
660 XEEY La Consentida, Aguascalientes, AG
700 KXLX Airway Heights, WA
730 + WWTK Lake Placid FL
760 KFMB San Diego, CA
760 XEES Antena 760, Chihuahua, CH
780 XEMF R Nostalgia, Monclova, CO
830 XEITE Radio Capital, México, DF
850 KHHO Tacoma, WA
860 + KFST Fort Stockton, TX
870 KFLD Pasco, WA
910 KWDZ Salt Lake City, UT
930 WPAT Paterson, NJ
930 WTAD Quincy, IL
940 XEMMM 940 AM Oldies, Mexicali, BC
940 XEYJ Radio Uno, Nueva Rosita, CO
960 KLAD Klamath Falls, OR
960 XEFAMA Radio 9-60 La Fama, Cd.Camargo, CH
960 XEHK La Voz de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, JL
970 XEJ La Mexicana, Cd.Juárez, CH
970 XEO Radio Gallito, Matamoros, TM
970 XERFR Radio Fórmula, México, DF
980 + KSVC Richfield, UT
980 XENR Radio 980, Nueva Rosita, CO
1000 XEOY R Mil, México, DF
1000 + XERZ Bonita, León, GJ
1030 KBUF Holcomb, KS
1040 XEGYS La Primera, Guaymas, SO
1050 + KTBL Los Ranchos, NM
1060 KDYL South Salt Lake, UT
1070 XEEI Radio Trece, San Luis Potosí, SL
1220 XEB México, DF
1390 KJAM Madison, SD
1400 KBCH Lincoln City, OR
1450 + WMFJ Daytona Beach, FL
1550 WAZX Smyrna, GA
1640 KFXY Enid, OK

Full log ENOX10

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We thought we had experience good cx before. Yes, we had, but none before of this caliber to the direction of New Zealand…this was supposed to happen only at KONG…

Now, about 10 days after having returned home from LEM281, the Perseus-recordings of the “hottest” moments of the magic 24 October have been thoroughly examined. And the results are somewhere between devastating and astonishing. Even between ourselves we have it hard to believe that this is true.

In all 45 NZ-stations were logged, of which 36 never heard in Finland before. Many signals were strong and lasted over several fade-in periods, but some were truly weak – some merely a “sigh”. But with the Perseus, its capability of continuously repeating a chosen few seconds and comparing an identified signal with another frequency stations can be 100 % “identified” even if the signal visits the frequency just a few seconds.

Such ease of identification is specifically true with the music networks (Southern Star, New Zealand´s Rhema and Coast), but also with spoken programming (NewstalkZB, R Live, R Sport). With the good advice from our friend Bjarne Mjelde –“the God of KONG”- we paid specific attention to TOH, when eventual Europeans and Asian station “hold their breath” for a few seconds. Many NewstalkZB and RNZ National identifications came through right during those few seconds !

It was remarkable, how strongly the peak of the conditions was concentrated on the North Island and the northern part of the South Island (with the only exception of BSport 1224) . Europeans were pretty quiet and Asia in general non-existent in the beginning, however Japanese stations soon joining the party.

Upon listening to the medium wave band in the remaining days of our LEM281 expedition, with all possible Asian languages filling the frequencies, it was hard to believe that all those signals just weren´t there on the “magic day” 24 October, 2009… It will very likely not happen again in the very near future…

In fidem

Hannu Niilekselä (HN) and Hannu Asikainen (HAS)

540 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, New Plymouth/Tauranga
567 24.10. NZ RNZ National, Wellington
657 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Wellington/Tauranga
702 24.10. NZ + R Live, Auckland
774 24.10. NZ + R Sport, New Plymouth
783 24.10. NZ Wellington Access Radio, Wellington
801 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Nelson
819 24.10. NZ + R Trackside, Palmerston North
837 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Kaitaia
882 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Auckland
900 24.10. NZ + Coast, Whangarei
918 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, New Plymouth/Timaru
927 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Palmerston North
972 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Wellington
981 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Kaikohe
1008 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Tauranga
1026 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Kaitaia/Whangarei
1035 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Wellington
1053 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, New Plymouth
1080 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Auckland
1107 24.10. NZ + R Live, Tauranga
1116 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Nelson
1143 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Hamilton
1161 24.10. NZ + Te Reo Irirangi o te Upoko o te Ika, Wellington
1215 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Kaikohe
1224 24.10. NZ + Bsport, Invercargill
1233 24.10. NZ + R Live, Wellington
1251 24.10. NZ + New Zealand´s Rhema, Auckland
1278 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Eltham/Napier-Hastings
1296 24.10. NZ NewstalkZB, Hamilton
1332 24.10. NZ R Sport, Auckland
1341 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Nelson
1350 24.10.NZ + R Sport, Rotorua
1359 24.10. NZ + Coast, New Plymouth
1377 24.10. NZ + R Sport, Levin
1386 24.10. NZ R Tarana, Auckland
1413 24.10. NZ + NewstalkZB, Tokoroa
1458 24.10. NZ + RNZ National, Westport
1476 24.10. NZ R Trackside, Auckland
1494 24.10. NZ + Southern Star, Hamilton
1503 24.10. NZ + R Sport, Wellington/Christchurch
1530 24.10. NZ + Coast, Napier-Hastings
1557 24.10. NZ + Coast, Hawera
1593 24.10. NZ + R Samoa, Wellington

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

WNSW Newark NJ 1430

WNSW Newark NJ belongs to the Multicultural Broadcasting media company. The company runs and owns several stations across the US and some of those stations are frequently heard in Scandinavia.
WNSW faded in once during ENOX17 with a fine signal and a TOH -ID in English. It took a couple of days to get this one verified with an email.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Second and Final Report from the Quality DXing Summit LEM282: the cx may not have been quite as extraordinary as expected, but nevertheless we are pleased with the results of LEM282 - and at the same time we are totally exhausted. The almost 24/7 listening activity took its toll and now we need to use all of our remaining strength to prepare this short report (greetings from the train!). We did not encounter any spectacular daytimer openings or highly directional cx, but the tremendous signal strengths and the clean, undisturbed AM-band kept us wide awake. Even though we are committed to "conventional" receivers, we have a huge amount of recordings to be checked. Here are some highlights from Wednesday until Saturday: WKY 930, CIBQ 1340, KDWN 720, WVNA 1590, WGIV 1370, WZFG 1100, KLSQ 870, KXRO 1320, KKZN 760. This is LEM282 signing off. Feliz descanso! 73's, ANA & TRE

KKAQ Thief River Falls simulcasts KKDQ FM 99.3 on 1460 kHz

There are three stations from Minnesota operating on 1460 kHz. Way back in 2004 I picked up KDMA in Montevideo, KDWA Hastings is still in my hunting list and ENOX17 gave me the third one, KKAQ from Thief River Falls. KKAQ faded in and out with CJOY for about a 30 minutes using only "KKDQ 99.3" IDs. A KKDQ morning man verified my report and mp3 with an email along with a complete verification.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A daytimer from North Carolina on ENOX17 - WANG 1330

WANG Havelock NC 1330 kHz is my best identified station so far on ENOX17. This one faded in on the top of the hour right after the WRCA's ID that was booming in at the same time. WANG identified as "WSSM-FM and WANG-AM". Both General Manager and Chief Operator verified the reception in their own emails. My NC #10 and my first daytimer on 1330 kHz.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

LEM282 - DXing the way it was meant to be

LEM 282 ANA & TRE, October 31, 2009 - November 7, 2009:

We have been way too busy to prepare any reports earlier, but better late than never! Upon arrival we had higher expectations than ever before, but the cx have been a slight disappointment so far. The band has been absolutely packed with stations, but due to the very general nature and direction of the cx, the antenna switcher has been glowing red from almost lunatic use. But don't get us wrong: the cx are not bad at all and we have made many nice catches. We have had a wonderful time and despite the almost 24/7 commitment to the radio waves we have lived up to our undisputed reputation as the best chefs and sommeliers above the Arctic Circle. Here are some highlights: KCTE 1510, KLIX 1310, KMXA 1090, WMT 600, CKOR 800, KFLD 870, KXLJ 1330, KCMO 710, KQAQ 970, KUGN 590, KIHH 1400 KBCH 1400, WPDR 1350, KZOO 1210, KCAR 1350, KGNO 1370, KKAN 1490, KINY 800, JOPB 639, Samoa 540.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

LEM281 - last update


Our last evening started pretty much the same as many previous nights. No trace of east coast NA, but directly to the Great Lakes region again with KKCQ-1480 and KFNW-1200 appearing at 2120 UTC with good signals - an incredible 2 hours before local sunset. However, the signals did not develop very much durng the best daytimer period. Only after 0000 UTC the band was gradually filling up with midwest-rockies area signals. The conditions were more diverified than some other nights, so there were no specific highlights in the night.

Again signal were weaker between 02-06 UTC but gained strength again in the morning, still in the same direction. Around 10 UTC the upper west coast opened very nicely with station all the way from OR to upper BC, with AK and HI also joining the party with good and clear signals. Some fading in and out took place, but signals came back again as quickly as they had disappeared only a while ago.

The AS side was fairly good to Japan already from 11 UTC on with all possible asian languages joining them gradually. No trace of any interesting OS.

The stregth of signals started deteorating gradualla around 1230 and we started packing. One receiver was alll the way to 14 UTC, but the signals had already faded to an uninteresting level.

Most interesting stations logged: KVOK-560, KRTA-610 (huge signal), CFLD-760, CKOR-800, CFBV-870, KXLJ-1330.

Time to say goodbye - the sets were left warm for LEM282, and as far as we know at the time of writing this, the going has continued "better than just mediocre".

Thanks for following the developements with LEM281


Saturday, October 31, 2009

LEM281 update - 30.10


As a minor disturbance began, signals also started coming earlier. Again directly from the direction of the Great Lakes, but no mixing with any LA. Many stations (such as WQLR-1660, WKSH-1640, KCJJ-1630, KFNW-1200, KFAN-1130 and KFAB-1110) outside the "usual" had audio already 2130 UTC or shortly there after. Signals came and went in fairly short intervals - it was obvious that there was some minor disturbance going on. However, the conditions did not develop to a daytimer party of any better sort. Still, with such early signals, the reordings are worthwhile to be checked carefully.

Gradually, signals in the night got weaker and weaker and it wasn´t any specifically good idea to try to chase them all night. In the morning, again, signals started to be good as the clock got close to 06 UTC. Midwest-rockies, mixed with some MEX. Fairly nice signals for some periods until 0940 UTC, when the conditions were cut like with a knife...

Nothing until sudden opening towards the upper west coast with huge signals from 1230 UTC onwards. Even the GY-frequencies performed strong, but the "quality" of stations tended to be limited to those heard already anywhere between 10-1000 times. For the first time during our LEM-week, the signals kept their strength until local sunrise - and some (such as KTBK-1210, KOUU-1290, KCLK-1430 and KGDD-1520) far beyond, almost until 16 UTC.

Still, it was not easy to find new ones from an area where conditiond have so often laid. New technology (IQ´s and Perseus) will certainly help in this, as we have (or if we ever have...) time to listen "every scratch" carefully.

As we write this at 2130 UTC, signals from the same direction are again coming in, with KKCQ-1480 identified at 2130. One more night and day to go. Well see...

Some of the more interesting loggings: KCOL-600, XESO-1150, XEIB-1170, KZMK-1240, KFBC-1240, KGRG-1330, KHMS-1420, KNTB-1480, KBIS-1490, KMBD-1590.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Trinidad's Very Own - KCRT 1240

KCRT Trinidad, CO 1240 kHz faded in for a short time on ENOX17 on October 13. This station made its first apperance in Finland now as far as I know and the station CE was very excited about my report and mp3. He wrote me back a long e-mail verifying the reception and he also promised to send me photos and other material about KCRT later on.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

LEM281 29.10 update


The evening started "slow" again, however again with early signs of the direction being to the Great Lakes area. No LA or east coast "early openers", but directly to stations like WWKB-1520 and WRRD-1510.

At 23 UTC signals were barely above the level that it seemed worthwhile to have the SDR´s recording. One hour later, somewhat stronger and from time to time readable signals even on the graveyard frequencies. The general feeling was that it was worth listening but little hope of any "big fish".

Morning started slower than most mornings. At 06 UTC practically nothing, at 07 UTC a bit better, but still weak. From there on, no big signals either, but every now and then an interesting station "popped in", so the interest for listening was kept alive. Around 10-12 UTC the going was good and the direction was concentrated to the Great Lakes with morning programs in full swing due to the advantageous situation regarding the U.S. move to Standard Time only this coming weekend.

But again, the fun would not last forever...for some reason the condition started to weaken already before 12 UTC and practically died out shortly there after. Only some of the most usual west coast remained on the band until 14 UTC.

In between, quick checks for the Pacific and Japan gave a couple of stations, even if the conditions did not appear very interesting - just lots of difficult languages...

Earlier we reported that it would be unlikely that any new stations from the 24 October NZ-opening would be found. We were wrong, since we forgot to check also the Radio New Zealand national service frequencies: RNZ 1458 (Westport) and RNZ 819 (Tauranga) were noted...shame on us !

Some of the more interesting stations last night and this morning: WNWI-1080, WPDR-1350, KCAR-1350, KRFO-1390, KFIZ-1450, KBMW-1450, KMSD-1510, KCHA-1580, KOKB-1580, KGUM-567, KUAM-630.

North Platte's ESPN

KOOQ 1410 kHz from North Platte, Nebraska has been in my hunting list for some years now. If you hear ESPN on 1410 kHz it usually appears to be WPOP. However, on ENOX17 on October 11, 2009 this frequency offered ESPN from KOOQ instead of WPOP. The ID was clear on the top of the hour. The station management verified my report and easily recognized their station on the mp3.

LEM281 update 28.10


CBG-1400 appeared early, at around 2030 UTC, but the conditions towards NA did not develop too well. Instead, lots of LA started appearing quite early and it was Spanish all over with good signals. NA started to join the party around 0000 UTC, but it was already too late for anything remarkable.

In the morning NA started to stregthen rapidly after sunrise with good signals, mainly from the Rockies to West Coast, once again. But all the time there was more and more concentration towards Southern California and from around 08 UTC to about 10 UTC it was better than either one of us had ever experienced. Stations seldom heard or never before logged came in with crystal clear signals. There will be a lot of interesting stuff on the recordings in addition to those already identified when listening "live".

As you would expect, such fun cannot last too long, and the peak of the conditions was gone after 1030 UTC. Only some of the most common stationswere left with "dizzy" signals. And even those died out before 14 UTC. No Pacific or Asia in general in the afternoon/early evening.

But in all, what a day !

Best stations logged live: KUGN-590, KGEZ-600, KWDN-720, KCNO-830, KHHO-850,KPAM-860, KLFF-890, KXLO-1230, KLBS-1330,KPRK-1340, KVTO-1400, KSUN-1400,KCLX-1450, KLIV-1590.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LEM281 27.10 update


Interesting developement: better indexes, generally worse conditions...

The night started with absolutely no signals before 01 UTC, then some LA, but nothing fancy. In the morning, between 06-07 UTC, fair to good signals from NA, but without direction. At this time with general type conditions it is almost not worth to listen to anything else but TOH and half hours, since local nighttime programming has very little content from a DX-ing point of view.

However, the signals abruptly died out totally before 08 UTC and did not return but at around 1130 UTC. Then one hour fair-good signals towards the Rockies-West Coast, but only to the northerly states, except a few interesting signals from California and Mexico in the same direction. Again, signals died completely out around 1330 UTC. Before that, a couple of interesting NHK-2 from the 1320 break, but no Pacific at all, just "mediocre chinese" as far as we can tell...

Highlights of the day (with a couple from recordings from the previous days): KERR-750, KFMB-760, KPDQ-800, XEKE-980, WZFG-1100, KBND-1110, KGRG-1330, KPRK-1340, KTAQ-1340, KCAP-1340, KWRM-1370, XEKT-1390, KMOG-1420, KZNX-1530, KWBG-1590, JOSB-1602, JOFD-1602, JOCB(JOFD)-1512, JOTC-1467.

KOGA - a fine NOS -station on 930 kHz

After identifying KOOQ North Platte on 1410 kHz on ENOX17 I took a look at stations' locations and distances from Enontekiö in Nebraska and surrounding states. I found out that among the stations that should be audible at the same time is KOGA in Ogallala, Nebraska on 930 kHz. So I tuned to 930 kHz and after a couple of minutes a station with local ads and PSA for Ogallala faded in. It also played fine tunes like Steven Bishop's "On And On" from 1970's. I made a mp3 -clip, wrote a report and sent them to the KOGA's personality that Roland Sandberg kindly let me now.
A nice email along the verification came in about 24 hours.
Tnx Rolle fr v/s!

LEM 281 update 26.10


The conditions started fairly late, at around 23 UTC and opened directly towards the Great Lakes. A lot less impressive signals than in the previous night and less concentrated. Only a handful of interesting stations and weakening signals after 01 UTC. Little better in the morning with very much varying signal strengths; practically no conditions in the afternoon, neither to the east, north or to the west. So it was good to check some recordings.

Highlights from today and the night before: KSUB-590, KCOL-600, KDWN-720, KUAI-720, KKZN-760, KBGN-1060, KDYL-1060, KVNI-1080, KHIL-1250, KOLY-1300, KLIX-1310, KROP-1370, KMOG-1420.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

LEM281 - 24-31.10 (HAS,HN)

LEM 281 = Hannu Asikainen and Hannu Niilekselä, both from the capital district. Lots of NRD-535´s, SDR-IQ´s and one Perseus.

24.10 - 25.10

We arrived to Lemmenjoki at noon on Saturday 24th. The first plugged NRD gave hints of NA with fair signals from the western parts of the U.S. However just the usual stuff, as far as we could determine while unpacking and installing our rigs.

Gradually we got the technical side somewhat in shape and started to take a more serious touch to what was going on. We could only confirm what we had anticipated - nothing of true interest from NA was coming in. But stregthening signals towards Hawaii kept our interest awake, even if in the end only the most common hawaiians were logged. BUT, they led us to monitor also the rest of the pacific, just in case. And that certainly paid off. As we noted a couple of the most common NZ st.ations, we naturally started to search for more. And more we heard, which also left the anticipation that "there still might be something on the SDR/Perseus recordings".

When we started going through those, the cold truth was revealed: we had experienced the once-in-a-lifetime opening towards NZ - not a single aussie (except for a couple of the most common ones on the X-band) were noted. But NZ, yes. No logged stations in the lower end of the mw-band, but the further up we checked, the wilder it got (sorry about the possible mistakes with + for first in Finland, these are "out-of-the-memory"):

1035 Newstalk ZB, Wellington
1080 Newstalk ZB, Auckland
+ 1107 R Live, Tauranga
+ 1161 Te Reo..., Wellington
+ 1215 Newstalk ZB, Kaikohe
1224 UNID with Sporting News Flash
+ 1233 R Live, Wellington
1296 Newstalk ZB, Hamilton
1332 R Sport, Auckland
+ 1341 Newstalk ZB, Nelson
+ 1359 Coast, New Plymouth
+ 1377 R Sport, Levin
1386 R Tarana, Auckland (superstrong)
+ 1413 Newstalk ZB, Tokoroa
1476 R Trackside, Auckland
+ 1494 Southern Star, Hamilton
+ 1503 R Sport, Wellington/Chirstchurch
+ 1530 Coast, Napier-Hastings
+ 1557 Coast, Hawera
1593 tent. R Samoa, Auckland
1602 tent. 2XA, Levin

The signals partially peaked at times when Newstalk ZB had breaks with local commercials. The recordings have been quite thoroughly checked, so it is unlikely that the list would get any longer...

From NA the night 24/25 was an interesting one. No east coast in the evening, but opening directly to Colorado and Idaho, with signals coming in with power from clear daylight. Nothing spectacular listening live, but maybe something in the recordings...Some LA in the morning and later in the day stations fading in and out with fair signals for short periods, mainly west coast again. Almost dead in the afternoon

The best station from NA so far + KEZY San Bernardino CA. More to come...

Friday, October 23, 2009

WJDY 1470 - a CNN affiliate in Salisbury, MD.

WJDY has became an usual guest on 1470 kHz during this season. It's one of those stations which seems to be easier to pick up in a good QTH located in Southern Finland than in the listening posts on the Arctic Circle. However, I heard WJDY during ENOX17 with a decent signal for a moment.

I got a short email last night from WJDY. They were quite amazed after listening to my mp3 and they easily recognized the WJDY's ID and programming on the audiofile.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WTCM Traverse City MI 580

Once in a while the lower AM offered quite strong and interesting signals on ENOX17. WTCM has been my hunting list for some time but not anymore. This one faded in with CFRA with a very loud and clear signal with C2C and a couple of local ads and a fine ID. I waited for an answer to my report a couple of days and yesterday I got a kind, long email from the station. WTCM is my MI #32.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LEM279 up and running (10.10 - 15.10.2009)

Greetings to you all, fellow DXers!

We (JSN & MKA) arrived to Lemmenjoki on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. UTC. It took about an half and hour when our DX-gear (3 x Perseus, 1 x SDR-IQ) was up and running.

We have enjoyed the great weather here: clear skies, snow some 10 centimetres, temperature in the mornings between -8 to -14 Celcius.

Fog is rising up from Lake Kuivajärvi at sunrise

Here's a short summary what has happened on the radiowaves:

Sunday 11.10: Mediocre NA, good MEX-opening in the morning. In the afternoon the best HI/AK-opening I and Martti have ever experienced before - though, not a "brilliant" one. 1330 & 1430 AK were heard. But have not been checked from the recordings.

Monday 12.10: Nice Orinoco opening at local sunrise. Mediocre NA.

Tuesday 13.10: Improved NA-conditions: At 04:00 UTC the conditions favoured the Rocky Mountain area. At 07:00 a big swing to the East Coast. In the afternoon an early opening to HI/AK. Unfortunately not as strong as on Sunday.

Wednesday 14.10: NA with nice signals from 00:00 UTC. After 05:00 UTC also Andean stations. Later on, stations from TX and the Rocky Mountains area. We spent the whole afternoon in Sevettijärvi area testing a promising, possibly new, QTH. Our main concern was a 20 KV powerline. We were equipped with a laptop, an SDR-IQ and a 900 meters longwire erected almost parallel to the powerline for our testing purposes. Luckily, we didn't detect any electrical "bruises".

Extreme DXing in the "middle of nowhere".

During our visit to Sevettijärvi there were quite nice conditions to the Far-East. In the evening nice opening to the Philippines at 20:00 UTC. East Coast NA started at 21:00 with some daytimers.

Thursday 15.10: NA with nice signals till 07:15 UTC. Then a small disturbance from the sun wiped out all TA-signals. We left Lemmenjoki at 11:00 UTC and drove to Oulu where we stayed the night at JPR's QTH - many thanks JPR for your hospitality! On Friday morning at 04:30 UTC we continued to Vaasa. Martti and I are both very satisfied with the results. There's a lots of work ahead to go thru all the files.

Something from our log books ("On the fly"): WLCM-1390, KALL-700, KUTR-820, KZOO-1210, KLHT-1040, WSBB-1230, WFOY-1240, WMMB-1240, WTMA-1250, Japanese utility (maritime) stations on 1649.5 & 1663.5, Rete Italia, Darwin(?)-1611, DZNL-783 (split), WCHP-760, WFIF-1500, KDAL-610, KLSQ-870, WKYW-1490, WTNY-790

Besides DXing, we've enjoyed culinary cooking and good wines as usual.

Our pedition log will be pulished at:

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Alaskans 1330 and 1430 have verified

It's nice to capture new stations every now and then - especially from a state like Alaska. Since KXLJ-1330 and KMBQ-1430 began broadcasting during the last season I have been hunting them in every possible occasion. During ENOX17 I was lucky to pick up them both at the same time late in the afternoon. KXLJ is an ESPN affiliate and KMBQ aired local broadcasting when I heard them. KXLJ had a fine TOH ID and KMBQ used frequently it's slogan instead of call letters. KMBQ's frequency drifted between 1430.010 kHz and 1430.020 kHz during the listening period (about an hour) and it was never on it's nominal 1430.000 kHz.

KXLJ verified very quickly with an email. V/s told that they have actually received reports from Scandinavia even earlier but the listeners' mp3s had been so faint and distorted that the station management has not been able to identify KXLJ on them. So the v/s officially verified my report to be the first correct report that KXLJ has ever received. KMBQ verified with a short email including a complete verification.

My total AK is now 46.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ENOX17 – October 14, 2009

The conditions to North America during the last few days have been quite good. Mostly east coast on nights, in the morning east coast together with Cubans and South Americans and later west coast as usual. A couple of Hawaii and Alaska openings in the afternoon. Especially last Sunday was great towards AK and HI and during this opening KXLJ-1330 and KMBQ-1430 were both well audible on ENOX17.

Many fine IDs, great stations and huge signals have been saved on the disks. It will take some time to go thru all of them. I have checked, let’s say…, about 1% of all the material so far so there is plenty of interesting moments ahead. Here is the link to the first draft version of ENOX17 -log. It will be updated during the coming weeks and months as soon as there are new loggings available.

It’s time to pack and drive home tomorrow. All the best to all KONG-, PAX-, AND- and LEM -crews during this season. Thank You - ENOX17 is signing off.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


KXLJ Juneau AK 1330 and KMBQ Wasilla, AK 1430 were both captured on ENOX17!

Friday, October 09, 2009

ENOX17 – October 9, 2009

When you look at the current solar weather it should be clear that right now we have the top conditions with TA –signals on the medium wave. However, I have been facing a lot better conditions several times with much worse solar weather. Okay, TA –stations have been audible every night, morning and day but somehow signals have not been so loud and clear as they could be with these K- and A –values.
Last night was poor. In the morning stations from coast to coast were audible but signals were not too strong and they faded in and out all the time. Stations faded mostly away as early as around 08:00 UTC. Later in the afternoon some west coast dominants as well as Alaskans and some GYs were audible for a while. So this was the worst day of ENOX17 so far - hopefully cxs get better during the coming weekend.
As for the good news. I have received some nice veries today including WIND-560, KIHH-1400, KZNX-1530. Earlier this week KWKH-1130 verified my ENOX17 report with an email. Otherwise it has been sunny day with the temperatures between -20 and -3 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ENOX17 - Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heavy snowstorm hit Enontekiö today . There is already about 5 cms white snow on the ground around tne QTH and it’s still snowing hard. Temperature is -8 degrees C. Luckily I walked thru and checked all the antennas yesterday when it was sunny all day long.
Today was the best day so far on ENOX17. I slept later than I planned last night and so actually I don’t know if there were conditions before 00:00 UTC. Anyway the rest of the night wasn’t good at all but fortunately conditions got better after sunrise.
Many loud and clear signals for example from the Lakes District were audible before noon. Signals were quite stable and I was lucky to pick up some new stations for me. From today’s logbook: WVNA-1590, WCCN-1370, WPDR-1350, WCLU-1490 and KZNX-1530.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ENOX17 (October 4, 2009-)

October 6, 2009
I arrived Enontekiö late on Sunday evening. It took a while to set up all equipment I have. Later in the night and morning many fine signals frm NA were audible especially on the upper band. My first new ones were this season's super stations KYES-1180 and KWKH-1130 both with loud and clear signals. KZZJ-1450 and KDLR-1240 are worth mentioning as well.
Clear and chilly outside the cabin. Monday’s low -4 degrees C.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Classic Country - WWSM Annville-Cleona, PA and a gospel daytimer WWHN Joliet, IL - both on 1510 kHz

Hannu Niilekselä and I spent a couple of days in Enontekiö in the beginning of September maintainig antennas and scanning a liitle bit AM -band. Although cxs were not brilliant we heard two nice ones. One of them was WWSM Annville-Cleona from PA on 1510. This one came in quite clearly on TOH giving a complete ID. Otherwise WWSM played great country music. Nashville and Boston came thru as well on 1510 kHz but luckily WWSM faded in quite strongy once in a while. GM verified the reception with a short email.

As for the other stations on ENOX16 we also picked up WWHN in Joliet, IL on 1510 kHz for the first time in Finland. This daytimer played Gospel music and the station manager verified the reception with a couple of emails.

So this season started quite well in Enontekiö as well. ENOX17 will begin on October 4, 2009 in the evening.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ENOX10 loggings updates

880 26.10. 1119 USA KWIP Dallas, OR
1300 26.10. 1030 USA WRDZ La Grange, IL
1330 26.10. 1100 USA KNSS Wichita, KS
1370 26.10. 0959 USA WGIV Pineville, NC
1430 26.10. 0943 USA KZQZ St. Louis, MO
1450 26.10. 1100 USA +KGFF Shawnee, OK
1480 26.10. 1039 USA KAUS Austin, MN
1490 26.10. 1106 USA KDMO Carthage, MO
1490 26.10. 1108 USA KRIB Mason City, IA
1550 26.10. 1103 USA KYAL Sapulpa, OK
1600 26.10. 1043 USA KLGA Algona, IA
1600 26.10. 1111 USA KWBG Boone, IA

Saturday, August 22, 2009

KNRY Monterey CA 1240

KNRY was heard briefly on ENOX10 last October on TOH. It made its first appearance in Enontekiö identifying "AM1240 KNRY - Monterey's News Center". KNRY's traffic manager kindly verified my report and mp3 in 24 hours with an email. KNRY became my CA # 55. Tnx to HN for helping me with this one!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PUDXK - Summer Meetings

PUDXK-Summer meetings, "unsynchronized meetings" at Oulu (JPRs home) and "King´s Village" Kungsböle-Strömfors are over. Thanks for joining JPR,TUA,JVA,MR,MKA and LN (observer member)!
DXing results were not amazing although friends at KB-QTH did erect a longer longwire for TA. The dramatic thing was a Perseus who got 12 V inside with well known results!

After some dxing and good food (well known "Kungsböle Rökt Fisk" among others we finally discover a new and reliable method for the predicton of the next season´s geomagnetic condtions and Solar Activity. My wife´s fresh "Blank Sun Blueberry Pie" (blueberries partly picked near my antennas) showed the exact situation on Sun: the Coronal Holes are becoming smaller and not well defined anymore: this should mean better MW-conditions soon !

So the DX-season 2009-2010 is now officially opened!

73 TK

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WWFE FL AM670- another rare catch from Miami!

Last fall's first trip to Enontekiö (ENOX9) offered a couple of nice FL -stations for us (JVA&TuA). Since last September I have tried to get one of them, WWFE, verified but getting an answer from the station seems to be very difficult.
However, WWFE's vice president suddenly verified my report and mp3 -audio last Thursday just before Midsummer.
My FL total became 22 stations and four of them are from Miami.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice!

Again we are at the turning point - the photo shows our sun behind the clouds in Southern Finland exactly at 05.45 UTC - the solstice moment of this year. So we are starting to look forward into the new MW-DX season - it will start sooner than you expect! It seems that currently Coronal Hole effects seems to be even weaker - so the season could be even better than last one - let´s see (and listen)!
73 TK

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CJMS St. Constant QC 1040 kHz - my 51st verified QC

I heard CJMS 1040 kHz back in November 2006 with a huge signal for about 30 minutes. I have sent a couple of reports and audios to the station but I haven't been lucky with this one before. Now I finally succeeded - many thanks to JHU who kindly let me know a v/s to the station.

My #51 verified QC.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

KZNT Colorado Springs CO 1460 kHz

KZNT's Assistant Program Director verified my report and mp3 audio file today. KZNT was all alone on the frequency when I captured the signal during ENOX10. Unfortunately the signal was also quite faint and there was a lot of chatter and static noise with the signal. However the v/s recognized KZNT on mp3 quite easily and when verifying the reception v/s attached a studio quality mp3 -audio of the very same legal identification I heard in October. The studio audio clip is a nice memory of KZNT's reception in Enontekiö!

WZRC 1480AM from New York verified - finally!

It was way back in March 2004 when I managed to pick up this Ethnic New Yorker on 1480 kHz. I have sent a couple of reports and mp3s to the station management during the recent years but so far nobody on the station has gotten me back. Finally I reached the announcer who was behind the microphone when I recorded TOH -ID in 2004. Today this person kindly verified my report and the audio file incuding his own voice and the distinct musical opening for WZRC's top-of-the-hour newscast.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

WECU 1570 kHz - a small gospel station in Eastern North Carolina

WECU faded in and out on ENOX8 with a very clear signal back in February 2008. Like many other DXers in Scandinavia I have had problems to get WECU verified. However, not a long ago WECU's vice president sent a very polite e-mail with a complete verification of the reception. WECU became my NC #8 and my NC #2 on 1570 since way back in 1997 I managed to hear WTLK Taylorsville on the same frequency.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

WBBW 1240 - ESPN in Youngstown OH

Another nice catch during ENOX15 in March was WBBW on 1240 kHz. WBBW is an ESPN affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio. The signal wasn't really the first rate but after all the ID was clear and the station's chief engineer easily recognized his station on the mp3 I sent.

He also wrote:

"Thank you for your letter reporting reception of WBBW in Finland. Such reports of reception of WBBW have been quite rare in my 15 years with the station.
Considering all the noise on our "graveyard" channels I'm suprised WBBW was heard but I can hear the station on the recording provided. It seems you have in fact heard WBBW across the pole.The receiving antenna on your end works quite well. I'm not sure if your using it as a long wire, a beveredge, or maybe even a terminated beveredge.
It's been almost 20 years since I did any "serious" medium wave DXing and I'm afraid the addition of HD is doin it's best to kill what used to be an enjoyable hobby.
Once again, thanks for the reception report and congratulation on hearding out little 1000 watts in Finland."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WPAT Paterson NJ 930 kHz

Although I didn't manage to catch many new ones during my latest trip to Enontekiö back in March this year a couple of stations I heard were quite interesting. One of them was WPAT Paterson NJ operating 930 kHz. WPAT is not an usual guest in Scandinavia - as a matter of fact it has been heard only once or twice before in Finland. WPAT has a variety of Hispanic programs serving Mexican, Puerto Rican and Dominican Republic listeners with news, talk, sports and music. WPAT also airs Hungarian, Lithuanian, Haitian, African and English programming and on weekends it's Caribbean Reggae.

What I heard on March 19, 2009 was a complete TOH -ID in English and then an African programming later on. WPAT became my NJ #6 - a very pleasant add to my collection.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


In springtime conditions favor TA-stations from Southern Part of Latin America - often from LaPlata area or Brazil. So has been in April as well - although not many days of good openings at least with small antennas at my QTH.
This station of Uruguay was briefly heard in April and the decision to choose this one was the fact that the memories from the "golden times of QSLs and Pennants - 1970´s" came to my mind and I had the dig my old collection of QSLs from the 70 s. The station had a nice copy of QSL-letter at that time with info - they typed the details into it and the pennant was also with the verification which came by normal mail in a nice letter with stamps as can be seen in the picture. Nowadays you can find more about the station from their webpages.

This is the last DX-station of this season, stay tuned later on.

73 TK

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650 - all X-banders have been verified!

All currently active NA X-banders are now verified by me. The last one was WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650 that verified today my report and mp3 from back in last October. Besides the usual "Radio Disney" ID WHKT used a slogan "AM 1650 WHKT Portsmouth” on the TOH.

Great to have them all now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CFGT Alma 1270 became my 50th Quebec AM

Although ENOX13 in January 2009 was not a big success for me I managed to capture some nice signals. CFGT 1270 was one of them being easy to recognize since it was operating clearly off the nominal frequency 1270.000 kHz. SV display showed the exact fq to be 1269.970 kHz at the time. I have heard CFGT sometimes way back in 1980's but I have never before sent any report or any audio clip to the station.
Since January CFGT has approved to move FM. Maybe CFGT 1270 has already now signed off for good on AM and so I was very lucky to pick up this one during ENOX13...

Louis Arcand, Program Director kindly verified my report and mp3 -clip in a couple of hours .

KGFF Shawnee - my OK #10

ENOX10 back in last October offered many interesting stations. One of them was KGFF Shawnee OK on 1450 kHz - an Oldies -station that has been never before heard in Finland.

KGFF's PD is an active ham operator and he has been doing AM DXing as well. He verified kindly my report and mp3 with an email, a photo and an mp3 clip of their legal ID.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Peruvian stations are always nice to catch even with modest
antennas and equipments in Sourthern Finland.
This month´s catch is not a rare one anymore, obviously something happeded to it´s equipments this winter.It was not that easy earlier while the most common Latin station was Emisora Mariana de Bogotá.
After February Callao has been very easy to get at least a few moments during sunrise (around 03-05 utc. The station carries often sports with easy to recognize "Gool" announcements - actually it seems to have a long sports program daily before local midnight. It should have close down around 05 utc but I have never managed to hear that.
What is very clear in this time with modern Spectrum receivers you can easily see the carriers of the stations and while Mariana is very stable at 1400.00 and CBC at 1400.009 Callao is clearly lower on 1399.996, so especially checking recordings afterwards you can note what is dominating and check the audio after that... The figure shows a typical morning with 2-3 stations (here Bogotá, CBC and Callao at the same time).
73 TK

Monday, April 13, 2009

ENOX15 loggings

Here are some loggings from ENOX15. The conditions were quite poor during these couple of days. The usual dominants have been left out- only the most interested stations are included. TuA

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two Sacred Heart Radio stations from WA verified - finally!

I received a kind email with a pdf -attachment from Sacred Heart Radio last Thursday. The pdf -QSL included both KBLE Seattle WA 1050 and KTTO Spokane WA 970 verifications and pictures of the both stations and their staff. KBLE and KTTO were both audible during ENOX2 way back in October 2007 and KBLE was also heard on ENOX15 in March this year.

Both stations had very clear and loud signals when I picked up them but for some reason they did not verify until now. After these two recent verifications my WA total is 78. However, there are many WA -stations that I have never heard but which have been picked up in Scandinavia many times...

Great to have both KTTO and KBLE finally verified!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

KNRS Salt Lake City UT 570

I heard this one for the first time on the 5th of December 2008 during LEM266. The reception quality was pretty good. Greg Foster, Director of Programming kindly confirmed my report.
Thanks again JHU for the v/s info!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

KMTA 1050 kHz - my second verified AM from Miles City, Montana

When I noticed oldies songs like Bob Seger's Old Time Rock'n Roll on 1050 kHz on ENOX western antenna on March 18th in the morning I got interested and began to track the signal. Right after the song a DJ gave a clear ID for KMTA. The signal faded in and out with CKSB and KBLE being the strongest one on 1050 for a while.

KMTA is my MT #31 and the second one from Miles City. It was back in 1996 in January when I managed to capture and verify KATL on 770 kHz.
KMTA station manager verified my report in 24 hours and told that they were broadcasting on 330 watts at the time. He also promised to send me a cooler "to cool our beverages"!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KPTQ Spokane WA 1280 - operated only at 125 watts!

KPTQ from Spokane Washington was audible on ENOX15 on March 18 this year with a decent signal. KPTQ has Progressive Talk -format and it verified with an interesting email last night. The v/s wrote:

"I can verify the recording you sent was aired by 1280 KPTQ-AM.
You are the first DX report this station has ever received. It was recently modified to allow an increased power level during night operation. It now operates at 125 watts during night pattern. Previously it was only 33 watts. As you can tell, the increase made a difference.
KPTQ is directional both day and night. Daytime operation allows about 5000 watts. It uses two towers to create the patterns used to protect other stations on the same frequency. The transmitter for this station is manufactured in Canada by Nautel. It has been in service for six years.
I am very impressed you heard this station. Congratulations on being our first DX report!"

Actually the station has been heard a couple of times before in Finland and at least one, maybe more, QSL has arrived in Finland before mine. However this was a nice add to my WA -collection that consists of 76 stations at the moment.

WGIV Pineville NC 1370

1370 kHz has been quite interesting frequency lately. Although it has its dominants like WDEA, KSUM, KXTL, CFOK and KDTH many rarer stations faded in and out every now and then during this season as well. One of them was WGIV Pineville that I picked up on ENOX10 last October.
WGIV verified shortly today with an email message. My NC #8.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KWBG Boone IA 1590 - a cozy station in Iowa.

KWBG on 1590 kHz has been heard in Scandinavia every now and then. I myself heard this one for the first time way back in 1996 but the reception was so faint at the time that I never sent a reception report to the station. But this time last October during ENOX10 the signal was loud and clear and it was easy to make an audiofile and send it to KWBG.

KWBG's news director verified my report. Along the verification he also sent me some pictures of the Boone's new railroad bridge.

Nice reply and my Iowa #27.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

King´s Village DX-Station of February 2009: DWSS 1494

For me local Philippino AM-stations has always been an atractive DX-target in Southern Finland. Nowadays it seems only less than a dozen stations are "easy" catches in Southern part of Finland without special antennas. Of course also then you have to be at right time, usually during a local sunset at the QTH. In winter times that means listening at around 13-14 utc. Sometimes stations are audible during local sunrise (that´s around 20 utc), but the European QRM is big. One thing with these stations is their language Tagalog which is easy to recognize. They mix also some English and often announce the call letters & frequencies in English (and Tagalog - numbers of Spanish origin).

In February 16 DWSS Manila 1494 was again audible - of course with heavy interference from Moldova and Xinjiang. Fortunately this winter St Petersburg is silent until evening making this channel better open to the East. Sometimes from Japan we can get also JOYR on the channel.
Note that DWSS is slightly above the nominal, on 1494.017 kHz which makes it easy to see even before the audio. The video below shows the recorded spectrum with the station ID.

From the web we can read:
DWSS (pronounced as DW-Double-S) (1494 kHz Metro Manila) is a blocktimer AM station of Supreme Broadcasting Systems in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at EDSA, Mandaluyong City.Like DWWW 774, DWSS brings some Religious Shows & mostly non-stop Music with program schedules in between songs. It has taglines such as Love songs at its best, Yesterday's hits, Today's classic, Nothing but the best mix of music & Songs that inspires you. Since it has no proper programming, It broadcasts from 5:30am - 10:00pm.

Slogans:Let your heart speak! (Music)- Para sa Diyos, Para sa Bayan! Entertainment Radio!

Friday, March 20, 2009

WHB Kansas City MO 810 - an old-fashioned QSL card

WHB verified with a fine old-fashioned QSL -card in four months. This surprised me a lot since it is a long time ago when I received my latest "real" QSL -card. I can't even remember when it happened.
WHB became my MO #19. Actually I already have WHB verification from back in 1996. However, it is a different station that operated on 710 kHz at the time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ENOX15 - some new stations with loud and clear signals!

Some SA during the night and early morning. Actually many SA -stations came in very well across the all AM -band. NA became audible after Enontekiö's sunrise in the morning and many stations from the West and down in California came in surprisingly loud and clear. Around 09.00-10.00 UTC stations faded out little by little.
Some catches from today's logbook: KBLE-1050, KPTQ-1280, KSUB-590, KYNS-1340, KRLC-1350, KTIK-1350...

This was my last report from Enontekiö this season and ENOX15 will sign off tomorrow. Thank You all for sharing the season's ENOX -reports. The ENOX -crew will be back again in next season around September/October with new loggings and stories. Have a great springtime!


KART Jerome ID 1400

"Real Country Cart 1400 AM" is probably one of the easiest US GY-station to catch. Getting a verification has been a very challenging task - at least for me! Yesterday evening, after 24 years of trying, I got a prompt e-mail reply from Lamont Summers confirming my LEM266 report. Many thanks to JHU for the v/s info!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ENOX15 and KDMO Carthage, MO-1490

I arrived in Enontekiö some hours ago and set up my equipment for two nights listening session. This will be my last ENOX -expedition this season - hopefully I'll be lucky with the conditions. Unfortunately the solar weather does not seem very promising but let's see what happens during the next 36 hours...

I checked the ENOX10 recordings last week and I found a couple of new ones for me. One of them was KDMO on 1490 kHz. Please, take a look at the attached QSL -text I received last night along the email.

March 17, 2009

Dear Tuomo,

Thank you for the Email regarding KDMO and your hobby. It must be an exciting to pick up a Radio Station half way around the world!
I listened to your MP3 and verify that you did indeed pick up 1490 KDMO and the written details of what you heard are correct.
Spring is coming on strong here in Southwest Missouri with the temperature being 80 degrees today and the air conditioner is on here at the station today. We didn’t receive a lot of snow this year and thank goodness very little ice. After the past few winters we are sick of the ice storms that bring down power lines and cause havoc in running our business.
Good luck to you with your hobby.


Ron Petersen, Sr. President & General Manager


Sunday, March 15, 2009

ENOX14: 17-22.2. (JVA,TUA)

Very poor conditions. However some nice loggings 20.2. Full and final loggings.

Friday, March 13, 2009

KXOL Brigham City UT 1660 - La Favorita!

KXOL is a very usual catch on 1660 kHz. It has a Spanish Mexican format and it can be heard almost daily during the season in the Arctic with a proper antenna.
I have tried to get this one verified for many, many years but for some reason it does not seem to care DXers reports and audios from overseas. However, this time I was lucky and got a kind email verification from La Favorita's Office Manager.

KXOL is my UT #22 and the last one on 1660 kHz.

Friday, March 06, 2009

KOZE Lewiston ID 950 under the KJR's carrier

Hearing an Idaho -station on the same frequency with KJR Seattle booming in at the same time is not an easy job. But if you are lucky enough it can be possible. When I heard KOZE in November 2007 during ENOX3 it was middle of the night in Idaho meaning that KOZE was running only 1000 watts. At the same time KJR was using 50000 watts! However just on the top of the hour KJR took a few seconds break and on right this moment KOZE gave its legal ID under the KJR's carrier.
KOZE verified last night with a kind email after two earlier attempts back in 2007 and 2008.

WKLJ Sparta WI 1290

WKLJ is an ESPN affiliate in Sparta, Wisconsin. It's not an easy catch at all but however, it has been captured every now and then in Scandinavia in recent years. It was heard during last October on ENOX10 as well with TOH call -ID and later on with ESPN programming. WKLJ verified last night with an email and it became my second WI -station on 1290 kHz.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Radio Disney on 1190 kHz - KPHN Kansas City MO

Another interesting station fading in and out on October 26, 2008 during ENOX10 was KPHN Kansas City MO on 1190 kHz. 1190 kHz has not been very interesting frequency for me since before KPHN I have picked up only those usual WOWO, WLIB, KEX and CFSL. It needs always somehow special conditions if you want to hear anything else on this frequency. In addition to those stations I mentioned at least five more US AMs have been heard in Scandinavia: WBIS, WBDY, KFXR, KVSV and KNUV.
KPHN verified with an e-mail yesterday.