Saturday, April 21, 2007

CKCV Quebec QC 1280 - verification

CKCV on 1280 kHz was a very common catch back in 1970's and 1980's in Finland and Scandinavia. I picked it up many occasions in my home QTH in Joloskylä and during the Lemmenjoki DX-peditions at the time. CKCV signed off permanently in 1991 like many other QC -stations on AM at that time. For some reason I never managed to get any kind of verification from CKCV until... yesterday!! Luckily I had many fine audio clips of CKCV reception and thanks to JPR's v/s information I got a fine e-mail verification from a retired station manager last night. Tnx JPR!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The last FE conditions for the Season ?

The conditions have been rather variable during the last few weeks. Indeed, some good TA-reception was noted in March, particularly around the Equinox date and after that a few quite good Far East reception especially to the Philippines. Mayby the last "better" Philipinos for me (1422 new for me) were on 1422.142 (note the big split) DYZD signing off between 1500-1515 several days on March 26-30 and more usual DZME 1530 with ID on March 26 (also briedly heard later). DZME was noted just a little higher than the Romanian stations on 1530 (DZME seems to be rather stable on 1530.012 while Romanians are around .000 and .006). These conditions are best just about an hour before local sunset time, but you have to be carefull as the best reception last sometimes only 15-20 minutes on these European channels. A SDR-receiver is very good also looking for the splits as was the case of 1422.14 station. As you can see 1422.14 is even stronger than Europeans on 1422.0 at the time of a screen shot.

73 TK

Towards to the End of MW-DX-Season 2006-7

Well, at least at my QTH it is time to collect my FE BOG out from the field. You can even see a tiny wire right at the picture - taken at sunrise time - going to about 40 degr. (look at the left bottom of the picture). Last year there was snow until 20 April, but the climate change is here ?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

JVA in Muhos: JVA/M 21-23.3.2007

I spent two nights in JPR QTH in Muhos. In first night conditions was weak, but the second night was fair to good.

21-22.3: Venezuela from 2250utc to 00utc. Some stations from Argentina 01utc. More stations after 03utc from CA and LA to 0459utc.
22-23.3: Some Brazils 2120utc. Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Caribbean from 2315-02utc. In the morning only some stations from Argentina.

Some loggings - 21-22.3
930 - 0300- CHL: CB93 Radio Nuevo Mundo, Santiago [930.046]
1500 - 0433- PRU: OBX4I R Santa Rosa, Lima [1499.870]
1490 - 0436- VEN: YVXD Dinámica, Caracas [1490.015]

Some loggings - 22-23.3
1330 - 2124- B: R Terra AM, Sao Paulo
830 - 2304- B: CBN Londrina, PR
890 - 2312- B: ZYH703 Radio Planalto, Brasilia
895 - 2320- SCN: Voice of Nevis, Charlestown
1080 - 2359- VEN: R Barcelona
1190 - 2359- CLM: HJCT LV de la Costa, Barranquilla [1190.362]
620 - 0001- ATG: ABS St. John's
1300 - 0002- ATN: PJD-2 The Voice of St. Maarten, Philipsburg
555 - 0010- SCN: ZIZ Radio Basseterre
840 - 0015- HTI: R. 4VEH, Cap-Haitien
1030 - 0042- HTI: Radio Guinen, Port-au-Prince
1020 - 0051- B: R Folha AM, Boa Vista
930 - 0159- PTR: WYAC Cadena R Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo
1290 - 0404- ARG: LRJ212 Radio Muraldo, Villa Nueva de G

You will find loggings from Online log (Finland) and from link and Totally 17 new stations for me.

Now stations from 201 different country identified and over 1000 identified Trans Atlantic MW stations (736 NA, 89 CA, 187 SA). JVA

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Recent verifications

Greetings from Vaasa, Finland to all of you fellow-DXers!

JOAD Okinawa via Hirara 1602 e-mail and picture of their station building after f/up. I heard this one during LEM208 when we had a couple of nice openings towards Southern Japan. V/s Mr. Masahiro Aoyama, Associate Director. MW-JO #63.

WRIG Schofield WI 1390 e-mail after f/up. Finally got this one! V/s Ken Clark PD.

KHDN Hardin MT 1230 nice e-mail from Rich Solberg. Heard this one during LEM241 when they were broadcasting their local weather forecast. Mr. Solberg told me that the announcer on my clip was a one time only weekend announcer Ron Adams.

KSJB Jamestown ND 600 e-mail from Patrik Pfeiffer VP/GM.

KIML Gillette WY 1270 e-mail from John English and afterwards a card from their CE.

KGFW Kearney NE 1340 e-mail after f/up. Picked this one up during LEM208 when they had a local break before joining in to the C2C.

KLAY Lakewood WA 1180 nice e-mail verification from PD Mr. Bond (not James ;-) ).

WSTX Christiansted 970. Finally got this one verified. Nice e-mail from the new owner, Mr. Rames. New country for me.

WDAY Fargo MT 970 e-mail after f/up. Heard this one during LEM225 when they had a booming signal. V/s Mr. Thompson CE.

KGLO Mason City IA 1300 e-mail. Finally got this one! I've sent several reports to them over the past years. Now Mr. Solko CE kindly closed this case.

That's all for now folks! 73's -jsn-

Monday, April 02, 2007

KVNU Logan UT 610 - verification

During PAX63 on October 9, 2006 at 5.06 UTC KVNU was all alone on 610 kHz. The signal was not "first rate" but the station gave a clear identification just before it joined to C2C Talk Show. The station confirmed the reception tonight with a short e-mail message.