Friday, October 26, 2007

KWAD Wadena MN 920 -verification

I heard KWAD Wadena, MN 920 for the first time during ENOX2 some days ago. The station had a clear TOH -ID :"“Minnesota’s best! 92 KWAD Wadena and 14-30 KNSP Staples” but faded away soon after that. PD verified my report and mentioned :
"Our area has a very large population of Finnish descendants. As a matter of fact the area from Sebeka, MN to Menahga, MN to New York Mills, MN is known locally as the finnish triangle, wonderful people with "sisu." We also boradcast a weekly religious program in the finnish language. Again, very nice to hear from you."
KWAD seems to be very DX-friendly station so don't hesitate to write to them in case you hear KWAD!

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