Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Class Radio - WMRC

On November 4, 2010 was a quite good morning for new US east coast stations on ENOX24. One of the most interesting catch for me was WMRC Milford, MA on 1490 kHz. WMRC's signal was pretty clear at the top of the hour when they identified "First Class Radio - WMRC". At the time WBAE clearly dominated this channel but luckily WMRC surfaced just on the top of the hour with legal ID.
Operations Manager verified in 24 hours with a short email including a complete confirmation.

Monday, November 29, 2010

KIHU Tooele 1010 kHz - an Immaculate Heart Radio in Salt Lake City, Utah

KIHU became my first new identified station right after I switched on my NetSDR on ENOX24 last October. I noticed a powerful religious format station audible on 1010 kHz on October 31 around 12:00 UTC simultaneously with CBR Calgary. It didn't take long when this station identified being Immaculate Heart Radio from Tooele and the announcer even announced the call letters "KIHU".
Some days later I got a very kind verification from Immaculate Heart Radio:
"I have had one other report on KIHU from Finland this year and a few others on a couple of our other stations. Our main office is located in Loomis, California and I work at our Reno Nevada station. We have been in opeeration starting in Reno for almost 14 years now so we are rather new at broadcasting. We are also still growing and hope to add several more stations in the near future.It is always a pleasure to hear from someone that hears oone of our stations from so far away. I hope you keep listening and perhaps located some of our other stations."
As The Most Rev. John C. Wester, Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, threw the switch to turn on 50,000 watts and Immaculate Heart Radio, the audience gathered cheered and clapped. The announcer said, “This is Immaculate Heart Radio. Live from the Great Salt Lake Region, this is the premier broadcast of Immaculate Heart Radio’s newest radio station AM 1010 for Utah KIHU. A liturgy dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary followed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

WCBY Cheboygan MI 1240 kHz - Big Country Gold

There are plenty of interesting stations on 1240 kHz and on other graveyard frequencies to be checked on ENOX24 files. I came across one of them, WCBY when going thru the signals on 1240 kHz on November 1, 2010.
WCBY was fading in and out for about 2 hours this morning playing country songs. However, I managed to pick only one clear announcement "1240 Big Country Gold. Your station for Classic Country". WCBY's chief engineer verified nicely in 20 hours with an email and a picture of WCBY's transmitters.
Tnx JUS for your help on this one!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Real Country - KOHU Hermiston OR 1360

It was way back in 2004 when I managed to pick up KUIK on 1360 kHz. Ever since I have tried to capture another Oregon station, KOHU Hermiston, on the same frequency. KKMO usually spoils this trying and when KKMO has been seldom away I have heard a couple of times KUIK again on my 335 -beverage.
However on Novemebr 6 this year on ENOX24 both KKMO and KUIK were away and I heard country songs late in the afternoon on 1360 kHz. Luckily the signal got stronger and stronger when TOH got closer. And on TOH a DJ announced nicely: " "We are your Hometown Radio Stations. This is Real Country 1360 KOHU Hermiston-Irrigon-Umatilla".

KOHU's PD verified my report and he also attached a photo of their broadcast property on the Northwest of Hermiston.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

ENOX24 - November 6, 2010

ENOX24 –DXexpedition is coming to its end. It has been an interesting week with many nice catches from NA although conditions could have been better (as always!). It will be definitely interesting to go thru the files and try to get new stations verified…
In a way conditions were quite boring as the same stations and the same areas were heard almost day by day. However, I’m sure that there will be many surprises on the files. Stations from the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and the Great Lakes –area dominated daily basis. However, ENOX24 first days offered stations from deeper south and the east coast as well.
A couple of nice veries have arrived during the week. A “daytimer” KQNK 1530 verified last night with a short email. KPIO-1570 blessed this hobby and verified my MP3 as wll. Also KOHI 1600 was very excited about my report and recognized easily KOHI on my MP3.

Another main goal for this expedition was testing the brand new RFSpaces’s NetSDR -received coming to the markets later this year. It worked fine and stable, overall performance was very good and it was easy to use. It is great to be able to record the whole AM band for later investigation. The widest usable BW to record is 1300 kHz and you can record this BW direct to your PC’s HD or your external HD as well. Both ways worked well. I used two SV applications simultaneously in the same desktop PC. One SV recorded all the time 1300 kHz BW and with another SV I checked earlier 1300 kHz BW -files with 0.73 kHz resolution. It was amazing! My PC never crashes neither did the NetSDR or SpectraVue –applications.

My special thanks to RF Space and Pieter and Moe for letting me use this NetSDR proto. NetSDR proved to be a perfect receiver also for us hunting the weak AM -signals over the Atlantic in remote and quiet QTHs equipped with long beverage antennas. I think this receiver will be very popular among the serious medium wave listeners and SWLs as well.
Thanks also to LEM –crew. It was fun and useful to exchange SMSs during the week. Thanks to You all for reading this Blog. ENOX24 is signing off.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

ENOX24 - November 4, 2010

The solar weather has been little unstable lately and this can be heard very clearly on the radio. Not so much to pick up from NA in the nighttime but quite strong signals by WA-, OR- , AK- and HI –dominants in the afternoon. However, this morning gave quite a nice opening to the US east coast mixed up with many Puerto Ricon and Latin American stations. Some interesting stations from the last two days: KOHI-1600, WRTO-1200, WMRC-1490 and KALE-960 (tnx for the hint LEM Crew!)
As for the new receiver netSDR. It has been working greatly together with SpectraVue application nonstop since Sunday without any problems at all. The strong signal handling seems to be very good. I have not observed any serious overloading situations. In this way the new receiver seems to be even better than the previous models.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ENOX24 2.11.2010 - the best day so far

Some the most usual stations from EC and Newfoundland faded in last night as early as 19:00 UTC but they faded away soon. Nothing very interesting in nighttime but this morning and day were the best so far. Many huge signals were noted especially from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii.
From today’s logbook: KBIS-1490, KAGO-1150, KWDB-1110 and finally KQNK Norton, KS on 1530 kHz with a complete TOH –ID and Ap Network News .
NetSDR and antennas work fine. Weather outside windy and -6 degrees C.

ENOX24 - enjoying NA signals and testing netSDR

Strong NA signals daytime but worse overnights. Little boring conditions with lots of strong dominants all the time. Hopefully files will give pleasant surprises later on.
Here are two pictures of netSDR and SpectraVue’s (v. 3.09) display on 1090 kHz with 0.73 Hz resolution when playing back 1300 kHz BW recording.
NetSDR is a very quiet, sensitive and dynamic receiver . It is pleasure to use it.

Monday, November 01, 2010

ENOX24 started on October 31st in the afternoon

Strong signals from CO and UT and generally from the west coast. During the live DXing I noticed KIHU-1010 and KPIO-1570. Both are new ones for me. The first night was quite poor with only the usual dominants. Hopefully this comin day will offer more...
I have an evaluation unit of RFSpace's brand new netSDR receiver with me for testing. After a couple of hours listening it seems to be truly a great receiver. It records 1300 kHz range and gives 0.73 Hz resolution when playing back recorded files. Great!
Thank you RFSpace and Pieter for letting me test this new super receiver.