Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WFHR Wisconsin Rapids 1320 - Serving Central Wisconsin for 70 Years

A few days ago I went thru some of my ENOX19 -files from back in last December. I came across a new station for me on 1320 kHz. It was WFHR that came clear and loud just on the top of the hour 24:00 our local time. The station ID was followed by the CBS news. Unfortunately the signal faded away after a while and came never back in this night.

WFHR's CE verified my report and MP3 quickly within an hour with a complete QSL -email. In addition to the confirmation he also mentioned: "On a personal note, I lived 18 years in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, there were many Finnish families who immigrated to the area 100-150 years ago to work in the iron and copper mines. Ahonen is a very familiar surname, the family I knew operated the local sawmill and lumber yard."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ENOX21 loggings

Finally this is the first version of ENOX21 -loggings from February 2010. The list contains a couple of interesting stations. Some SpectraVue -files from this trip are still unchecked.

ENOX21 loggings

Saturday, July 10, 2010

KYNS San Luis Obispo CA 1340

I picked up KYNS 1340 way back in March 2009. KYNS was formerly home of Air America on the Central Coast but when Air America filed for bankruptcy KYNS changed to a liberal talk show programs - including a controversial syndicated gay talk show.
As usual nowadays it took several attempts to get KYNS verified. Finally yesterday KYNS's GM verified my report with a short email message.