Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIMA Lima OH 1150

WIMA 1150 kHz was heard in Enontekiö on September 12 this year. As everyone knows WHBY and CKOC usually dominate on 1150 Khz nowadays with the east coast and the Lakes region conditions. Also this time they were strongly audible simultaneously with WIMA. Luckily WIMA faded in clearly just before TOH giving legal ID and a short weather forecast in the Reds sport coverage break.

WIMA's board operator (also a ham operator) verified my report with an interesting email. He wrote among other things that: "The audio sample you sent was TOH Reds ID news liner with Kelly Wilson...That truely is an incredible catch. Everyone at the station is talking about this."
WIMA became my 12th verified station on 1150 kHz and my OH #32.

Monday, September 27, 2010

ESPN Deportes 1450 kHz

Some stations really take time to verify...
I have frequently sent reception reports, tapes, cassettes, emails and mp3s since the 1980's to WIIN/WFPG/WKXW/WFPG/WENJ Atlantic City, NJ. Back in October 2007 on ENOX2 I picked up the station once again airing ESPN programming with an unusually loud and clear signal. However, as usual - nobody verified my reception back then.
Finally tonight I succeeded in getting a kind email with a complete verification from WENJ.
OJS, thank you for your contact information!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ENOX17 and ENOX19

The ENOX17 and ENOX19 updated loggings can be found here:
ENOX17 and ENOX19

Monday, September 20, 2010

WDIA 1070 kHz - The first black formatted station in the US

Probably the best catch I captured on September 12 in Enontekiö was a Tennessee station, WDIA from Memphis on 1070 kHz. It was audible about 10 minutes and came in loud and clear when playing music and when giving an ID you could still hear "WDIA" clearly.
WDIA is 62 years old and still going strong. I got two different emails from two different persons on WDIA. They both verified my report and MP3. Another was an assistant program director and he was so excited that he read my entire email on his "Fun Afternoon Show" live on the radio. Another reply came from a WDIA news anchor and she invited me to visit thei wonderful city of Memphis,Tennessee. The home of the blues and Elvis Presley.

WRWB Huntington WV 1470 kHz

WRWB from Huntington West Virginia on 1470 kHz became my first new catch for this season. It was heard on two TOH IDs in a row on ENOX22 on September 11 this year.
WRWB's program director was quite pedantic when verifying my report and especially the MP3 audio I sent. He wrote me earlier in the week that he will listen to my MP3 very closely during the coming weekend. And he did and he even asked the announcer who was working at the time listen to my MP3 as well. And they both clearly recognize WRWB -ID on the MP3.
So this way WRWB became my third verie from WV.

Albert Lea Radio, AM 1450 KATE

During good Minnesota openings last December on ENOX19 I was waiting for "KATE" identification on 1450 kHz. I never heard it back then. Instead of KATE I picked up WELY with a good legal ID.
So it was quite a big surprise when KATE surfaced on 1450 kHz on Sunday night on September 12 this year. They had a weather forecast and a complete slogan ID. A Carly Simon song was played as well with a loud and clear signal.
KATE's news director verified my report quickly. KATE became my MN #61.

WGAI Elizabeth City, NC 560 kHz - another "Newsradio 560"

Even though I didn't hit the best conditions last October there were some mornings with decent signals on lower AM as well on ENOX17. And sometimes it pays to check files as closely as possible.
It was one of those mornings when I captured WGAI and WGAN simultaneously on 560 kHz. Both stations gave legal IDs on the top of the hour with the call letters and slogan "Newsradio 56".
Luckily WGAN had a male announcer and WGAI was announced by a female announcer. So this time it was easy to identify those stations even if their calls are so close to each other.
WGAI verified with an short email and it became my NC#11.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WENK Union City TN 1240

1240 kHz was crowded with NA -stations for a couple of hours last Saturday night on ENOX22. It will be interesting to go thru all the files later on.

One of those stations on 1240 kHz was WENK from Union City, Tennessee airing an University of Tennessee football game. I was lucky since just before top of the hour WENK had a commercial break and right after this it gave a full station ID for WENK 1240 and WTPR 710.

Station President verified my report and mp3 in 20 hours. He also wrote:
"WENK AM1240 is part of a three station simulcast. Went on the air in 1946. Operates at 1Kw with one heck of a skywave from time to time."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WABB Mobile AL 1480

Last Saturday night offered some very nice stations to pick up on ENOX22. One of those stations was WABB from Mobile Alabama on 1480 kHz. It surfaced just on the top of the hour giving a legal ID. WLMV from Madison, WI dominated on 1480 kHz but luckily WABB was strong enough to get thru a couple of times.
WABB chief engineer verified my hearing and mentioned another report he received from Finland last season.
Again, HN thanks for the contact info.

WBCK Battle Creek, MI 930

WBCK became my first verie this season. It was heard last Saturday night in Enontekiö with many other interesting stations at the time from the US. WBCK played country songs around on the top of the hour and it gave a legal ID very clearly.
I have been hunting this one for many years - so WBCK was a perfect start for the season.The station's operations manager verified kindly with an email message in 10 minutes.
HN - thanks for the contact information.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

ENOX22 opened a new season

The new DX season began on ENOX in Friday night when I arrived in Enontekiö for a short three-night-listening session. This was meant to be mainly antenna maintenance and checking trip but it turned out to be a quite successful mini DXexpedition as well.
NA has been audible in both nights with decent signals between around 23:00-04:30 UTC including strong signals from the dominants especially on the upper side of AM -dial. The most interesting catches so far are KATE-1450, WABB-1480, WBCK-930, WRWB-1470 and WDIA-1070.

Nice weather with sunshine and the high day temperatures around +15 C.