Saturday, October 27, 2007

AND1: 19-27.10 (JA, OF, TBV, GF)

Saturday 27.10

AND1 report Oct.27: Good conditions to Brasil from 23 to Θ2 UTC, then to La Plata and Brasil Θ5 to Θ6:3Θ. Radio Nihuil 68Θ kHz had a strong signal. Poor NA conditions with only some stations from AB and CA reachìng fair to good levels.

Friday 26.10

AND1 report Oct.26: The first Brazilians were heard at 2Θ:1Θ UTC. Then things changed quickly. 156Θ Radio Disney was noted at 2Θ:2Θ and at 21:Θ5 we were listening to 129Θ CFRW. Occasionally very good signals were heard from SK, MB and AB for the remainder of the evening and the night.

Thursday 25.10

AND1 report Oct.25: Interesting NA conditions early in the night. The most noteworthy stations were 141Θ WNER, 147Θ WNYY and 157Θ WFLR. Fairly poor and widespread conditions at LSR.

Wednesday 24.10

AND1 report for Oct.24: The first stations from Brasil were audible at 2Θ:2Θ UTC. Signals slowly became stronger and by Θ2 UTC we were thinking we had mistakenly stated good conditions to South America over the last several days.
Surprisingly condìtions improved further. From Θ4 to after 1Θ UTC we had a huge opening to North America with fabulous signals from QC in the north to FL in the south and MI in the west.
Can things get better before the next coronal hole stream strikes?

Tuesday 23.10

AND1 report Oct.23: Unstable conditions all night and morning. Many nice signals from Brazil starting as early as 2Θ:4Θ UTC. Within 1 hour stations from ME, MA, NY, QC and ON began to dominate TA fqs. Later on it was back to Brasil. From Θ4:3Θ UTC we had 2 hours of strong signals on almost all TA fqs from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia and Brasil. Examples: 74Θ WIAC, 76Θ WORA.

Monday 22.10

AND1 report for Oct.22: Nice opening to ID and OR just after midnight. 13ΘΘ KAPL strong peaks before their LSS. Good conditions to OR, WA, BC and AB continued throughout the night and the morning. 55Θ KOAC was heard for hours.

Sunday 21.10

AND1 report Oct.21: Superb La Plata conditions from 22:5Θ UTC until Θ5. Brazilians on nearly all TA fqs during the last hour before LSR. Some excellent signals from the Caribbean: 54Θ Grenada and 64Θ Guadeloupe. A fairly good opening to the Great Lakes and further west lasted about 1 hour from ΘΘ:3Θ UTC

Saturday 20.10

2Θ.1Θ. report from AND1 (69NΘ2 15E31): Poor night with some ON stns noted around Θ1 UT, then MB and SK. After Θ5 UT some nice signals from south Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina below 1ΘΘΘ kHz. 55Θ Colonia, 59Θ Continental, 6ΘΘ Gaucha and 62Θ Jovem Pan had the best signals. JA, OF, TBV and GF
AND1 location: 69N02 15E31. This is on the island Andoya in the north of Norway

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