Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650 - all X-banders have been verified!

All currently active NA X-banders are now verified by me. The last one was WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650 that verified today my report and mp3 from back in last October. Besides the usual "Radio Disney" ID WHKT used a slogan "AM 1650 WHKT Portsmouth” on the TOH.

Great to have them all now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CFGT Alma 1270 became my 50th Quebec AM

Although ENOX13 in January 2009 was not a big success for me I managed to capture some nice signals. CFGT 1270 was one of them being easy to recognize since it was operating clearly off the nominal frequency 1270.000 kHz. SV display showed the exact fq to be 1269.970 kHz at the time. I have heard CFGT sometimes way back in 1980's but I have never before sent any report or any audio clip to the station.
Since January CFGT has approved to move FM. Maybe CFGT 1270 has already now signed off for good on AM and so I was very lucky to pick up this one during ENOX13...

Louis Arcand, Program Director kindly verified my report and mp3 -clip in a couple of hours .

KGFF Shawnee - my OK #10

ENOX10 back in last October offered many interesting stations. One of them was KGFF Shawnee OK on 1450 kHz - an Oldies -station that has been never before heard in Finland.

KGFF's PD is an active ham operator and he has been doing AM DXing as well. He verified kindly my report and mp3 with an email, a photo and an mp3 clip of their legal ID.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Peruvian stations are always nice to catch even with modest
antennas and equipments in Sourthern Finland.
This month´s catch is not a rare one anymore, obviously something happeded to it´s equipments this winter.It was not that easy earlier while the most common Latin station was Emisora Mariana de Bogotá.
After February Callao has been very easy to get at least a few moments during sunrise (around 03-05 utc. The station carries often sports with easy to recognize "Gool" announcements - actually it seems to have a long sports program daily before local midnight. It should have close down around 05 utc but I have never managed to hear that.
What is very clear in this time with modern Spectrum receivers you can easily see the carriers of the stations and while Mariana is very stable at 1400.00 and CBC at 1400.009 Callao is clearly lower on 1399.996, so especially checking recordings afterwards you can note what is dominating and check the audio after that... The figure shows a typical morning with 2-3 stations (here Bogotá, CBC and Callao at the same time).
73 TK

Monday, April 13, 2009

ENOX15 loggings

Here are some loggings from ENOX15. The conditions were quite poor during these couple of days. The usual dominants have been left out- only the most interested stations are included. TuA

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two Sacred Heart Radio stations from WA verified - finally!

I received a kind email with a pdf -attachment from Sacred Heart Radio last Thursday. The pdf -QSL included both KBLE Seattle WA 1050 and KTTO Spokane WA 970 verifications and pictures of the both stations and their staff. KBLE and KTTO were both audible during ENOX2 way back in October 2007 and KBLE was also heard on ENOX15 in March this year.

Both stations had very clear and loud signals when I picked up them but for some reason they did not verify until now. After these two recent verifications my WA total is 78. However, there are many WA -stations that I have never heard but which have been picked up in Scandinavia many times...

Great to have both KTTO and KBLE finally verified!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

KNRS Salt Lake City UT 570

I heard this one for the first time on the 5th of December 2008 during LEM266. The reception quality was pretty good. Greg Foster, Director of Programming kindly confirmed my report.
Thanks again JHU for the v/s info!