Saturday, October 06, 2007

LEM246: 28.9–6.10.2007 (HS, JMS)

Saturday 6.10

LEM246, 6.10.: Time to return home! Two weeks of intensive dxing has been hard work. Last evening loads of Chinese and 4QN 630 booming. Brazilians all night long, starting already at 2020 UTC with Radio Sao Francisco 1240. Then at 04 UTC NA West Coast, eg. KBAR 1230. Thanks for reading this blog. We wish all the best for the next expeditions and would like to close with some Finnish lyrics (säv. Hector): Maanantaina kinkkejä - tiistaina kinkkejä - keskiviikkona torstaina kinkkejä - perjantaina kinkkejä - lauantaina kinkkejä - sunnuntaina sikana kinkkejä. Zai jian! Håkan Sundman (HS) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Friday 5.10

LEM246, 5.10.: Last evening we had a very sharp peak to Sydney: 2RN Sydney 576, 2PB Sydney 630, 2BL Sydney 702, 2NC Newcastle 1233, 2SM Sydney 1269 and 2BS Bathurst 1503. Also some interesting x-banders. After spending over 60 days in Lemmenjoki in September (our total days between the years 2000-2007) we feel it was not luck, we deserved it ;) Trans-Atlantic dx remains poor. The only highlight from that part has been Radio Sao Francisco 1240, with a huge signal around midnights. HS & JMS

Thursday 4.10

LEM 246, 4.10.: Very good Asian conditions continue. Also some Aussies, but no identifications - on run at least. Micronesia 4755 was a lovely surprise, thanks Mauno for the hint. Trans-Atlantic dx is very poor.HS & JMS

Wednesday 3.10

LEM 246, 3.10.: Moderate Asian conditions last evening. No Aussies, not even the x-banders. But Okinawa was strong instead, eg. Radio Okinawa 864 was like a local station. The night was very poor, and the morning was even poorer. Just some most common North Americans and Brazilians. HS & JMS

Tuesday 2.10

LEM 246, 2.10.: Finally last evening, after 11 days, it was time for some Aussies. X-banders were strong (4DB 1611, 4KZ 1620, 2ME 1638, Club AM 1683), but also some normal band stations were heard, the best being 2BS Gold, Bathurst on 1503. Early night (21-22) was crazy with Brazilians. Then back to a mediocre early morning with a short peak at 0430 to La Plata. HS & JMS

Monday 1.10

LEM246, Monday 1.10.: Last evening many interesting Chinese stations: Zhengzhou Xinwen Guangbo 549, Jiangsu Gushi Guangbo 585, Shandong Guangbo Di Liu Pingdao 621 etc. The night and the morning were very poor. Some Brazilians around 22 and 03 UTC, but just for some 20 minutes. Actually it was the worst sunrise opening during LEM245 and 246. The weather is unusually warm. Yesterday we had +29.3, even though the thermometer was in direct sunlight. Well, beutiful and warm anyway.HS & JMS

Sunday 30.9

LEM 246, Sunday 30.9.: No North Americans last night, but instead a strong (but short) Orinoco & Chile opening at sunrise. Last evening was quite poor with Asian stations, the only region conditions favoured was Yunnan province in China. Some identified stations from the Mexican & NA conditions on the 29th: XEREV 770, KUTR 820, KMRI 1550. Many other Mexicans with unidentified frequency slogans only. HS & JMS

Saturday 29.9

LEM246, 29.9.: A new start after five hard working days in Helsinki. Now together with HS. Last night a strong Mexico opening around 0230-0330 UTC. Also some NA, like KENT Parowan, UT 1400 and KULY Ulysses, KS 1420. At 04 all stations were gone. The minor storm is really providing interesting listening. HS and JMS (Håkan Sundman and Jim Solatie)

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