Sunday, November 20, 2011

860 ESPN Deportes San Francisco

At the time KTRB was "Xtra Sports Radio" I never succeeded in hearing it. KTRB switched to ESPN Deportes in July, 2011 and on one afternoon on ENOX28 in October it came thru along with some other CA -stations. It was audible for about an half an hour. Although CHAK dominated the frequency KTRB faded in and out with a decent signal at times.

Friday, November 18, 2011

WPRS Paris IL 1440 and a nice QSL card!

WPRS from Paris, Illinois is not the most usual guest on 1440 kHz. On ENOX28 I heard country songs every now and then on 1440 kHz mixed up with Big Jab, WHKZ and sometimes also with "W 14-40". Finally the other day the signal faded in loud and clear with a Waylon Jennings song followed by a complete ID.
WPRS verified nicely with a real old fashioned hand written QSL -card. This was my lucky day - two old fashioned REAL QSL cards arrived in the very same day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

KKXA Snohomis WA 1520 - a new Classic Country station in the Pacific Northwest

KKXA began broadcasting on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. It was heard on ENOX28 already on Friday, October 14, 2011. However, before that KKXA was picked up by three other DXers around the world since my QSL says that my report was the 4th one they have received. So maybe ENOX28 was the first "crew" to pick up KKXA in Scandinavia?

Nevertheless KKXA came in loud and clear on ENOX28 almost daily. During my first reception KKXA ran a test transmission playing artists like Ronnie Milsap, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers ect. It was nice to get an old fashioned real QSL card for a change.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

KLFJ Springfield MO 1550

1550 kHz became an interesting frequency after CBE signed off in the end of September. There are many dominants on west coast cxs but during openings to the US east coast and Midwest this frequency could be a gold mine in the future. A cuban station is of course a powerhouse but for instance on ENOX28 there was a bunch of stations fading in and out on 1550 kHz in the morning hours.
One of those stations was KLFJ from Springfield/Branson, MO. It was audible several times and on many occasions with a very stable and loud signal. KLFJ became my second verified MO -station on 1550 kHz since it was way back in 1988 when I managed to hear KKJO (nw KESJ) St. Joseph on the same frequency. KLFJ verified in 4 hours.

Monday, October 31, 2011

KMHS Coos Bay OR 1420 - a Marshfield High School station

KMSH is one of those stations I have been hunting for many years on 1420 kHz. On ENOX28 it faded in finally with a good signal at times in one afternoon. It was mixed up with KITI and a HI -station but, however, it came thru nicely with weather, ads, IDs and some fine country songs. KMHS is a Marshfield High School station and many students are doing their training as DJs and announcers on the station. This one has been heard in Finland only a couple of times before.
Station manager emailed me back and verified the reception report. He had also listened to the mp3 air check I sent and he had recognized KMHS on mp3 without any problems.
My OR # 68.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

WILO Frankfort IN 1570

WILO on 1570 kHz was one of my new catches on ENOX28. The usual dominants on ENOX28 on 1570 kHz were XERF, KVTK, CKMW and CJLV. This one faded in with a clear announcement by a YL: "America's Best Music on 1570 WILO and 94.1 FM WILO."
WILO's news director verified with a kind email in 2 days. My IN #16.

Friday, October 28, 2011

WCPC Houston MS 940 - "Radio that changes the way you live"

One of the most surprising station I heard "live" on ENOX28 was WCPC from Houston, MS on 940 kHz. This one was audible for almost three hours in the morning and most of this time with at least decent signal - at times the reception was very good. WCPC broadcasted religious programming including live speaks from the studio with complete station announcements. Simultaneously GX-94 was heard weakly under WCPC and a South American station was audible on 940 kHz as well but far off its nominal 940 kHz.
WCPC verified with a kind and quite a long email in 2 days and became my MS #6. TuA

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WBAA West Lafayette IN 920 kHz

Although conditions were not very good on ENOX28 I managed to pick up some interesting new stations for me. One of them was WBAA in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is a Purdue University station and its programming consists of jazz and classical music and Public Radio programs.
General Manager verified my report with a kind email. He told that my report was the third one from Finland during the last four years. He also mentioned: "WBAA will celebrate its 90th anniversary on April 4, 1922. In the early years, even at low power (500 watts...we're 5000 daytime now and 1000 directional (to the north) at night) it wasn't unusual to get reception report from as far as New Zealand, according to information in our archives."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ENOX28 - rainy and MS on 940 kHz

Monday offered clearly the best cx on ENOX28 so far. The night was empty but later on cx was widely open coast to coast and all antennas were working hard from early morning to afternoon. I have checked briefly some minutes of Monday morning TOHs on east coast antenna. Many fine signals were noted including WCPT-820 and especially WCPC-940 with a strong, crystal clear signal for long periods.
I have two more nights to go. At the moment (Tuesday morning at 6:24 UTC) almost all TA -signals vanished on MW. Hopefully stations will fade in again later today.

Friday, October 14, 2011

ENOX28 13.10.2011-

ENOX28 is ready to go but the first night did not offer much to report. However, this morning and day brought some decent signals from NA and SA and CA as well.
A brand new KKXA 1520 in Snohomis, WA was booming in before miday local time with country songs and frequent announcements. The station signed on this Tuesday.
More as it happens - stay tuned.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LEM 294 16-23.10.2010

Hannu Niilekselä (HN)
Jan-Erik Österholm (JEÖ)

After a year of intensive listening to a magnitude of files, our log is ready to be published. Still, not all files with recordings from the Central and Latin American directions have been examined and eventual new findings will be published as and when needed.

As you will note, the loggings only include the dates. Since the introduction of the SDR receivers the nature of this hobby has changed significantly. We both wish to preserve the excitement of FINDING a new station even with these new equipment.

We share all information about conditions during our expedition. But we both have examined our files independently and do not give even to each other the times of our loggings. With this method we found out that our findings were more diversified than what we had expected. This was to a large degree affected also by the fact that we had often been using different antennas in situations of only short “bursts” of interesting signals from a specific direction.

The massive amount of files created in today´s SDR environment requires new approaches to how we deal with our files created –during DX expeditions and with automated recordings. Personally we give very little credit to “DX´ing” where  the finding is with one person and verifications are shared – even less for situations where files are not diligently examined, but kept more so for examination later on, based on what someone else somewhere else has reported having been heard.

For all of us it is a personal choice, how we wish to go about DX´ing, so other DX´ers may disagree with this policy. This is just fine -  it is a free choice for everyone.

For Hannu our chosen policy meant, for example, the “loss” of some 10 stations Jan-Erik picked from Texas and for Jan-Erik a few from Florida and North Carolina, which Hannu found on his files. But we are happy with this, as well as the combined results of our expedition, and enjoying our hobby as much as ever !

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Great Talk - AM 1110 KWDB

KWDB Oak Harbor on 1110 kHz became my #85 verified WA -station. It was hard to pick this one up since KAGV and KAOI usually dominate this frequency in the afternoons. Even KBND can be heard far more often than KWDB. Luckily last November late in one afternoon KWDB faded in with a clear station TOH -ID and Fox news. However, it took several emails before the station manager verified my report and mp3 audio.
Nice to add this one finally to my collection!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ENOX26 - 27.2-6.3.2011 (TUA)

Here is the final version of ENOX26 loggings. However, there are some interestings IDs and announcements still to be checked. I will inform those as soon as they are identified if they ever are...

Have an interesting new season!


Monday, September 05, 2011

ENOX23 - 12-17.10.2010 (HN)

ENOX23 LOG is finally ready to be published. The times of the SDRs pose a true challenge for completing the logs for each season, but here it comes, before the next season is ready to go ! HN"

ENOX23 log

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ESPN Superstation KICS Hastings, NE 1550

After almost five months I checked tonight some of my ENOX26 recordings from back in March this year. Instantly I came across an interesting ESPN -station on 1550 kHz mixed up with CBE. Luckily this station, which turned out to be KICS Hastings NE, peaked just on the top of the hour and announced both KICS and KXPN calls. I recorded a short mp3 and sent it to the station this evening. It took only 2 hours and the station's General Manager emailed me back and verified my report and the mp3 clip.
What a pleasant way to start a new season!

Friday, August 05, 2011

PUDXK Summer Meeting 2011

The traditional annual PUDXK Summer meeting was held at Kungsböle Lovisa on August 3 till August 5. The participants this year were MKA,LN,JSN,MR and TK.
As usual, the Sun remembers us (as during all meetings since many years) with new spots, at least one CME and Coronal Hole effects!
The full story with more pictures later on at "King´s Village DX Blog"

73 TK

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Kansas invasion continues in Enontekiö - KTOP 1490

As I wrote earlier March 6th offered some nice catches on ENOX26. I have checked some of the files on this morning with decent results and it will be interesting to see if there will be more new ones for me on the March 6th -files.
KTOP Topeka, KS on 1490 kHz faded in this very morning with a TOH ID and later with the ESPN programming. The signal was clear and I recorded a short mp3 audio and emailed it along the reception report to the station. It took only a few hours to receive a verification and a couple of other emails from KTOP. This was my second new KS -station this morning and KTOP became my KS #15.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KFH Wichita, KS 1240 surprised with a huge signal on ENOX26

March 6, 2011, the last morning of ENOX26, turned out to be a quite good morning for NA Dxing after all. A few nice catches have been found especially on the GYs. Among those goodies was KFH from Wichita, Kansas on 1240 kHz. In this same morning and within a very short time I identified KCCR, KBIZ and KFH - all on 1240 kHz. KFH - formerly KNSS was heard every now and then back in the 80's and 90's but nowadays KFH has been quite a rare catch.
KFH had a huge signal this morning and the station manager was amazed about that. He verified my report and the mp3 audio in a few hours.

Monday, March 21, 2011

KBIZ Ottumwa IA 1240 - Your News and Information Leader

My last morning on ENOX26 (March 6, 2011) offered some nice stations as well. On 1240 kHz was a good frequency with a few K -stations audible. One of those stations was KBIZ Ottumwa IA which faded in just on the top of the hour with a complete identification. What surprised me a bit was the fact that there wasn't any network news on the the hour but instead of that the station carried Fox Sports Radio programming right after the announcement.
KBIZ has been heard quite frequently in Scandinavia. However, this was the first time for me to pick up KBIZ. KBIZ verified kindly with a couple of emails in 2 days.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

KGEZ Kalispell MT 600 kHz - back to its old glory?

John Hendricks at his home in Kalispell.

I spent seven days on ENOX26. Unfortunately only two days and mornings were worth listening since the solar weather turned to very bad actually right after I arrived in Enontekiö. However the first morning, February 28, was quite interesting and some real surprises faded in.
One of those nice catches was KGEZ on 600 khz. It has been silent for some time but just recently the station got a new owner and a station manager and has begun broadcasting again.
A main character behind the new KGEZ is a veteran broadcaster John Hendricks who was actually behind the mic at the time I picked up the station. John also verified my report with a kind email message. Thank you John for your nice reply!
I found an interesting story behind John Hendricks and the new start of KGEZ:

John Hendricks guesses he was about 5 when he broke loose from his mother during a trip to the dentist and bounded into the KOFI radio station that at the time was housed in the same Kalispell building.
Those next few minutes would set the stage for a career in radio as he gazed wide-eyed at the microphones and on-air equipment.
“That was it,” Hendricks recalled. “I knew at age 5 that this would be my life.”
And it was.
Hendricks, 61, returned home to Kalispell a few years ago after an illustrious career that catapulted him to fame as the first director of programming for Great American Country. He hosted nationally syndicated shows, both on TV and on radio with the “John Hendricks Overnight” show.
In his Kalispell home, office walls covered with framed photographs of him and various country music megastars attest to his success.
Hendricks isn’t basking in retirement just yet, though.
He’s got his eye on a potential radio project that would bring his life full circle if it materializes: Hendricks would like to acquire KGEZ Radio once the station works its way through bankruptcy court.
“I think it would be a great project,” Hendricks said. “There’s a lot of richness in the Flathead Valley that could be captured on-air again and I think KGEZ could be that medium again.
“What I have in mind is very different than what’s currently on the air,” he said, not wanting to tip his hand too much about future plans. “I’d like to bring the station back to its old glory.”
KGEZ, the second radio station licensed in Montana, was Kalispell’s only radio station for more than three decades in its early heyday. Most recently it was owned by John Stokes, but in September 2009 a federal bankruptcy judge ordered the controversial radio personality to turn over his assets, effectively shutting down KGEZ.
SOME OF Hendricks’ success came from being in the right place at the right time, but he also honed his skills along the way, even if he didn’t know it at the time.
Three days after graduating from high school, Hendricks joined the U.S. Air Force and completed a tour of duty in Vietnam in the late 1960s. He handled sentry dogs in Vietnam and later came back to McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma, Wash., as a staff sergeant in charge of the sentry dog program.
“One of the best things I learned from the military was they teach you how to interact with people and how to be a leader,” he said.
Once his military service was done, Hendricks wasted no time getting into radio, even though his family wasn’t on board with his career choice.
“Everybody tried to talk me out of it,” he recalled. “They didn’t believe a person could make a living at it. They thought I’d eventually get it out of my system.”
Teaching seemed like a good backup plan if radio didn’t work out, so he got history and political science degrees and a minor in secondary education from St. Martin’s University in Olympia, Wash. But in hindsight, the $1,100 he spent to go to broadcast school and get his license was the best investment he ever made.
He worked as a sales manager and general manager of several smaller-market stations in Southwest Washington to begin with. Those early years also included a very short stint at a station in Tillamook, Ore., a big dairy area where the morning show played Swiss yodeling music “so the cows milked better.”
That gig didn’t last long.
Hendricks — whose surname Hendrickson was shortened to Hendricks for on-air ease — then decided to focus his career as an on-air performer, first at KUBE in Seattle, where he “had a really good run” in the early 1980s, then at KIMN in Denver, one of the original giant Top 40 stations.
“I got good,” he said. “I worked at it and I brought a desire to it.”
KIMN was a dinosaur at the time, though, and when the station became KYGO and switched to country, Hendricks thought his career was over. The truth is, it was just starting.
It was at the Denver station that he originated and developed an award-winning 7 p.m. to midnight show that has been emulated in every major market in America. It was also the summer of 1989 and Garth Brooks had just come to town.
“I emceed his first three shows,” Hendricks said. “Nobody knew who he was.”
Clint Black was another country singer who jumped to stardom around the same time, and Hendricks was there.
“They were baby acts back then. We were redefining everything, and Garth literally redefined country music. No one else was doing what we were doing,” Hendricks recalled. “Garth was kick-butt country. I was so, so fortunate. It was 20 percent [my] skill and 80 percent being in the right place at the right time.”
IN THE early 1990s the savvy Hendricks jumped into the national arena when he was asked to design a country music video channel for television and Great American Country was born. There seemed to be no end to country music sensations who wanted to be a part of the show — Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Reba McEntire and so many more.
Hendricks became friends with many of them.
Life was coming at Hendricks fast and furious, though. Ninety- to 100-hour work weeks were the norm, along with rich restaurant food. The train was headed right at him.
“It was so much fun I didn’t notice I was sleeping only two to three hours a night,” he said.
He took a break from his career in 2001 to spend time with his family after the sudden death of his mother during open-heart surgery.
Just six weeks after his father’s death the following year, Hendricks himself had a heart attack. Doctors patched him up with a couple of stents, but it was time to take life a little easier, so he formed John Hendricks Broadcast Services and began consulting with radio stations, record companies and musicians.
He returned to Kalispell in 2004 and it wasn’t long before he was hosting a morning show on KOFI, the same station that had thrilled him as a young child.
One more opportunity came his way a few years ago when New York City’s Music Choice needed someone to head its new Country Music Division and people in Nashville said he was the man for the job.
“It was a crazy left turn in my life, but one I couldn’t refuse,” he said about the time he spent in Lower Manhattan.
Hendricks is now back home in Kalispell and has resumed his consulting work.
He’s a single father with two grown children and an 11-year-old grandson. He loves the outdoors and now has the time to enjoy fly fishing, backpacking, golf and organic gardening. Community and church are important, too, and he enjoys being a part of the Bethlehem Lutheran congregation and the Elks Lodge.
There are dreams to come, he assures. Just stay tuned

Friday, March 18, 2011

WCLE Cleveland TN 1570

WCLE became my TN #6 and my 3rd new TN in this season. Firstly I heard WDIA 1070 then WENK 1240 and now WCLE 1570 that came in loud and clear for about an ½ hour on ENOX24. WCLE seems to be way off its nominal 1570 kHz. When I captured the station the exact fq was 1570.0218 khz and its peak was clearly seen on SpectraVue's display.

It took a couple of attempts before WCLE verified. Finally I received a kind and complete verification in an email message.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

KAGI Grants Pass OR 930 kHz

KAGI is a part of Jefferson Public Radio News and Information Service in Southern Oregon and Northern California. This station is very seldom heard in Scandinavia. However, it has been picked up at least once before in Finland.
This time KAGI's signal was clear but not very loud. An Alaskan KTKN mixed up with KAGI and also KSEI Pocatello, ID faded in a bit later on the frequency with ESPN programming.

KAGI's Executive Director verified my report first with a prompt email message and later with a decent QSL -card. He also send me a copy of fine "Jefferson Monthly" magazine.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

KHWG Fallon NV 750 kHz was heard amazing clear on ENOX26

"K-Hog" as KHWG likes to call itself came in very clear and loud on ENOX26 in February. KFQD and KXL tried to take over the frequency but after all K-Hog dominated on 750 kHz clearly on the top of the hour. This was the first time I picked up the station although it has been heard in Scandinavia earlier a couple of times.
DJ Frank Atkinson verified my report and he attached also a couple of photos on the station and Nevada. In the picture you can see Frank on the left in the KHWG studio in Fallon.
Thanks for the nice answer Frank!

KTDD "The Toad" bounced to Enontekiö

KTDD San Bernardino on 1350 kHz was heard nicely on ENOX26 in the end of February. The station played fine country songs like "Mama, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be Cowboys" and gave a TOH ID: "Genuine Country music, KTDD Riverside - San Bernardino - 1350 The Toad". At the time 1350 kHz was very crowded other NAs as well. At least KTDD, KTIK, KRLC and KSRO identified within 10 minutes.
KTDD's V.P. verified with email in two days.

Friday, March 11, 2011

LEM 304 - Fastest SDR DXpedition ever?

by Hannu Niilekselä (HN), Vantaa

This pedition wasn't intended to make SDR/DX history the way it did. The target was to encounter at least moderate CX towards NA –potentially also some daytimers, due to the favourable change of broadcast times on March 1- with some MW aussies as a bonus.

But it doesn't always go as in the movies and this pedition writes history by being the first(?) DX-pedition where all the files have been checked and destroyed during the pedition and the log ready for publishing on the last day of the pedition.

On the background you'll find some cold facts: There was some CX only in the first three days and only a couple of hours per day. So in the last days of the pedition there was 15-18 hours to check those first three days…

Still some CX was found

Durin the couple short TA cx towards NA, it was wide open from Florida to Hawaii. Strongest signals came from the Rockies and West Coast, called as ”Ylämummo”. Even if East Coast seemed to be weak at live listening, the best parts were found from there from the first morning of the pedition.

Some local noise issues and one break in the automated recording at prime time in the first morning added to the challenge of digging up something worthwhile.

It has been long time ago, when we had a nearly total break towards NA for 5 days, but LEM304 saw and heard also this come true in this season.

But anyway some nice stations were heard and also X-band aussies tried to come through. Below 1611 kHz only 4QD Emerald was audible.

The new netSDR worked out fine and seems to be an excellent receiver. Perseus is close to the netSDR, but real critical benchmarking couldn't be done due to the lack of good material ...

Tuomo Ahonen arrived two days later on ENOX and we made some comparisons on February 28, when Rockies-West Coast had some nice signals. The distance is just some 80 km, but the differences with some individual stations heard were remarkable: On LEM no trace of KAGI-930 or KACH-1340 (which station came in booming on ENOX). Instead KSEI-930 and KYLT-1340. On the same hour no trace on ENOX of KGRZ-1450.

This just enforces some earlier experiences of the remarkable differences even on very short distances during disturbed conditions.

LEM304 loggings (link)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


ENOX26 was not success at all. Very active and bad solar weather kept NAs away for the most of the time. However, some nice catches came thru after all. Please, find here the first draft of ENOX26 loggings.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

ENOX26 - currently active solar weather

Poor conditions lately on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because of the very active solar weather. So I have had plenty of time to go thru the files from Monday recordings. Nothing special results but however, I managed to pick up KGEZ Kalispell, MT on 600 kHz. This one has been inactive since September/October 2009. Recently the new owner has begun broadcasting again and it was heard instantly on ENOX with great standards and frequent announcements.

Here is a 750 kHz screenshot taken on Monday, Feb. 28, 2011 on ENOX26. It is very interesting to chase stations with NetSDR and SpectraVue software since the display shows all the time signals on different offsets with 0.73 Hz resolution. The four strongest signals can be marked with the different colors by the user.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ENOX26 started Sunday evening

I arrived in ENOX DX-location last Sunday. I set up equipment and tested antennas. Everything was OK - all antennas and a brand new NetSDR worked fine.
Monday morning offered some nice catches mainly from the west. Tuesday night and Tuesday morning were poor. Hopefully conditions get better as the week continued even if the predictions are not very promising.
Best catches so far are KTDD-1350, KHWG-750 and KAGI-930
Weather; clear and sunny. Yesterday's high -1C. This morning we had -10C .

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ENOX24 loggings

Please find here the first draft of ENOX24 loggings.

ENOX24= TuA on ENOX_Oct 31, 2010-Nov. 6, 2010. ProtoNetSDR and four beverages to NA.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100 stations from California confirmed !

100 stations from California confirmed !
by Hannu Niilekselä (HN)

After 44 years of DX´ing the medium wave band a dream came true today – 100 confirmed receptions from one U.S. state.

Regarding California, it all started back on 9 January, 1971 when I heard my first California station KFBK Sacramento 1530 home in Hyrylä, close to Helsinki on a 60 meter wire. Today KMYC Marysville 1410 confirmed my reception of the station heard at Lemmenjoki on 28 October 2009.

Until fairly recently, it did not seem likely that such a barrier could ever be broken . And if a prognosis would have been made which state it most likely would be, I probably would not have put my bets on California, rather on New York or maybe Washington.

But the combination of the “SDR-era” beginning a few years back, combined with the blessing of having “on the spot” in a couple of instances when the skip to California has been excellent, made it possible. Specifically 28 October 2009 is written to history with golden letters. Of my 100 confirmed Californians no less than 32 are from that date and additional 3 stations have categorically refused to confirm the reception.

So what is there left ? Plenty of stations ! Just received my netSDR today…and headed for Lemmenjoki soon again…

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ENOX25 4.1.-8.1. 2011

ENOX25 4.1.-8.1. 2011 
Hannu Niilekselä (HN)

While having spent two peaceful weeks of Christmas after LEM299 in Lemmenjoki, it was time again to ”refresh” a bit at ENOX – just 140 km north of our ski-cabin at Ylläs.

As has become customary, the better conditions have a tendency to avoid me at ENOX, and this time was no exception.

All the files have been examined and destroyed as of writing this (February 20). One 15 minute period with concentration on VA and some northern coastal NC saved the trip. Otherwise the stations logged were just “lone rangers” with lousy signal strengths and without any specific direction. Even if some nice stations were logged, typically nothing else worth mentioning from the same direction was heard.

Still, it´s always fun – either listening live or digging into current or older files – there will never be a moment without anything to listen to!

In the log, just subjectively “most interesting” stations (regarding the station itself or the time it was heard) have been listed. However, all identified stations on the GY-frequencies have been included.

ENOX25 loggings

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"The Bear" appeared in Enontekiö during ENOX24!

Yes that is true.
"The Bear" or actually WBHR from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota on 660 kHz faded in nicely with ESPN programming and a fine TOH ID last November on ENOX24. Along with CFFR "The Bear" dominated clearly on 660 kHz this morning. A kind email verification came in 30 minutes.
So be careful - it is not always WFAN when you notice ESPN programming on 660 kHz. It could be ... The Bear!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

KUAI Eleele HI 720 kHz finally heard and verified

KUAI on 720 kHz from the island of Kauai in Hawaii has been on my hunting list for many, many years. HI- and AK -stations are coming usually best on the (late) afternoon and usually on the same kind of conditions as well. That's why it's even more difficult to pick up KUAI since the powerful KOTZ from Alaska usually dominates totally on 720 kHz.
This time I was lucky since KOTZ had only its carrier wave on and that's why KUAI had a chance to come thru. And yes it did but only for a few moments. During one of these appearances KUAI identified nicely with its call letters and slogan.
KUAI's and KQNG's CE verified kindly with an email and a few photos.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Miami AMs bounced to ENOX24 in November, 2010

Two Miami stations, WAQI on 710 kHz and WQBA on 1140 kHz were heard on ENOX24 almost at the same time on November 4 2010. WQBA announced “This is WQBA 1140 AM Miami” and WAQI identified as "Radio Mambi, Miami". WAQI was badly mixed up with a Cuban station on 710 kHz but WQBA dominated 1140 kHz for some moments around TOH.
It was quite hard to verify those stations but luckily Station Manager finally kindly verified both WAQI and WQBA.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Bread Radio - WILB 1060 AM

This one was captured during the automated part of AIH4-pedition. Just before 22 UTC I heard a religious promo on 1060 and was almost sure that the station in question will be WQOM Natick MA. Surprisingly, at 22 UTC the station identified as "Thank you for listening to Living Bread Radio AM 1060 WILB Canton. Catholic Radio, the Truth for Northeast Ohio." It's always nice to get a new daytimer!
Director of Operations verified my report and audioclip in a couple of hours.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Illiana's Best Choice - WITY AM 980

WITY Danville was heard on ENOX24 one morning simultaneously with many other stations on 980 kHz. This station, playing fine old standards, faded in and out for an about ½ hour but I was able to pick up only one decent call letter ID. Otherwise WITY was quite easy to recognize although it was mixed up with others.
WITY's production manager confirmed my report and MP3 with an email.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KYNO Fresno CA 940 kHz - Live Talk Radio

ENOX24 offered many fine new ones for me. One of them was a Californian station KYNO on 940 kHz. This one faded in on November 1 right on the top of the hour. KYNO identified with a jingle "KYNO Radio" and gave a slogan "Live Talk Radio" before the Fox News. KWBY was heard a day before with a huge signal on this frequency. Moreover 940 kHz was one of the best frequencies this time giving me totally three new stations: WMAC, WINZ and KYNO.
KYNO verified very kindly with a short email.

WCXN Claremont NC 1170 kHz

WCXN "La Tremenda" surfaced in one afternoon on ENOX24 with a loud and clear signal. This time WCXN used "La Tremenda" slogans and played Mexican songs. The signal was badly mixed up with an UK station at times but every now and then WCXN dominated the frequency totally.
The company's owner verified quicky with an email and WCXN became my NC #12.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Michigan's Beautiful North WMBN 1340 kHz

I came across this station on ENOX24 last November. It played fine old tunes like the theme song from "The Hill Street Blues" and many other oldies as well. There was a lady on the company's FM station whose grandparents were Finnish. So she got very excited after reading my email.
The official verification was sent by WMBN's Station Manager in two days.