Monday, January 31, 2011

Miami AMs bounced to ENOX24 in November, 2010

Two Miami stations, WAQI on 710 kHz and WQBA on 1140 kHz were heard on ENOX24 almost at the same time on November 4 2010. WQBA announced “This is WQBA 1140 AM Miami” and WAQI identified as "Radio Mambi, Miami". WAQI was badly mixed up with a Cuban station on 710 kHz but WQBA dominated 1140 kHz for some moments around TOH.
It was quite hard to verify those stations but luckily Station Manager finally kindly verified both WAQI and WQBA.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Bread Radio - WILB 1060 AM

This one was captured during the automated part of AIH4-pedition. Just before 22 UTC I heard a religious promo on 1060 and was almost sure that the station in question will be WQOM Natick MA. Surprisingly, at 22 UTC the station identified as "Thank you for listening to Living Bread Radio AM 1060 WILB Canton. Catholic Radio, the Truth for Northeast Ohio." It's always nice to get a new daytimer!
Director of Operations verified my report and audioclip in a couple of hours.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Illiana's Best Choice - WITY AM 980

WITY Danville was heard on ENOX24 one morning simultaneously with many other stations on 980 kHz. This station, playing fine old standards, faded in and out for an about ½ hour but I was able to pick up only one decent call letter ID. Otherwise WITY was quite easy to recognize although it was mixed up with others.
WITY's production manager confirmed my report and MP3 with an email.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KYNO Fresno CA 940 kHz - Live Talk Radio

ENOX24 offered many fine new ones for me. One of them was a Californian station KYNO on 940 kHz. This one faded in on November 1 right on the top of the hour. KYNO identified with a jingle "KYNO Radio" and gave a slogan "Live Talk Radio" before the Fox News. KWBY was heard a day before with a huge signal on this frequency. Moreover 940 kHz was one of the best frequencies this time giving me totally three new stations: WMAC, WINZ and KYNO.
KYNO verified very kindly with a short email.

WCXN Claremont NC 1170 kHz

WCXN "La Tremenda" surfaced in one afternoon on ENOX24 with a loud and clear signal. This time WCXN used "La Tremenda" slogans and played Mexican songs. The signal was badly mixed up with an UK station at times but every now and then WCXN dominated the frequency totally.
The company's owner verified quicky with an email and WCXN became my NC #12.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Michigan's Beautiful North WMBN 1340 kHz

I came across this station on ENOX24 last November. It played fine old tunes like the theme song from "The Hill Street Blues" and many other oldies as well. There was a lady on the company's FM station whose grandparents were Finnish. So she got very excited after reading my email.
The official verification was sent by WMBN's Station Manager in two days.