Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WWFE FL AM670- another rare catch from Miami!

Last fall's first trip to Enontekiƶ (ENOX9) offered a couple of nice FL -stations for us (JVA&TuA). Since last September I have tried to get one of them, WWFE, verified but getting an answer from the station seems to be very difficult.
However, WWFE's vice president suddenly verified my report and mp3 -audio last Thursday just before Midsummer.
My FL total became 22 stations and four of them are from Miami.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice!

Again we are at the turning point - the photo shows our sun behind the clouds in Southern Finland exactly at 05.45 UTC - the solstice moment of this year. So we are starting to look forward into the new MW-DX season - it will start sooner than you expect! It seems that currently Coronal Hole effects seems to be even weaker - so the season could be even better than last one - let´s see (and listen)!
73 TK

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CJMS St. Constant QC 1040 kHz - my 51st verified QC

I heard CJMS 1040 kHz back in November 2006 with a huge signal for about 30 minutes. I have sent a couple of reports and audios to the station but I haven't been lucky with this one before. Now I finally succeeded - many thanks to JHU who kindly let me know a v/s to the station.

My #51 verified QC.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

KZNT Colorado Springs CO 1460 kHz

KZNT's Assistant Program Director verified my report and mp3 audio file today. KZNT was all alone on the frequency when I captured the signal during ENOX10. Unfortunately the signal was also quite faint and there was a lot of chatter and static noise with the signal. However the v/s recognized KZNT on mp3 quite easily and when verifying the reception v/s attached a studio quality mp3 -audio of the very same legal identification I heard in October. The studio audio clip is a nice memory of KZNT's reception in Enontekiƶ!

WZRC 1480AM from New York verified - finally!

It was way back in March 2004 when I managed to pick up this Ethnic New Yorker on 1480 kHz. I have sent a couple of reports and mp3s to the station management during the recent years but so far nobody on the station has gotten me back. Finally I reached the announcer who was behind the microphone when I recorded TOH -ID in 2004. Today this person kindly verified my report and the audio file incuding his own voice and the distinct musical opening for WZRC's top-of-the-hour newscast.