Saturday, October 13, 2007

LEM247: 6 - 13.10 (JHY, MKA)

Saturday 13.10

LEM 247 is over and the crew is happy. Yesterday Tahiti, Tonga, Marshall Islands, both stations and 684 Fiji. Tahiti from 0653 UTC. Later japanese from south. This morning La Plata and Great Lakes. The bad news are US digital AM stations interference, many freq blocked and also that NHK2 is signing on later, 2100 UTC. Some stations. 549 JOAP, 792 JOAP via Naze, 1125 JOLC, 1152 JORB, 801 KTWR, 900 CHML, 960 CFFX, 980 CKRU, CFPL and 1290 R Murialdo

Thursday 11.10

Every day better and better. Few of the best. 585 JOPG, 1161 JOIK via Rumoi, Imakene, 1060 KHBC Hilo, 660 KEYZ, 980 KRZZ, 560 XEXZ, 640 XEJUA, 1070 XEE, 1540 LT35 R Mon, 1560 LT11 R. Gral Fransisco Ramirez. Last night 705 LNR Luang Prabang and today FE russians on 1224 and 1476. Also Tonga the first time. Tomorrow will be the best day!

Wednesday 10.10

Nice, nice, nice. Some new japanese 531 JOQG, 846 JOPG, 963 JOTG, 1359 JOJB via Wajima, 1584 JOQC etc, regional programme. And 1503 2 BS, 1620 4KZ. From South East Asia 580 RN Laos, 1475 RM Kota Kinabalu. Many graveyards, but also 1540 KMPC. Tomorrow more. Best catches ( private opinion). 684 Iwate Hoso, 855 RRI Medan, 1062 DZEC, V7AD Majuro 1098, 700 KALL, 930 KOGA, 1310 WCCW, 680 LV6 R Nihul. And the best conditions are still coming....

Tuesday 9.10

Since saturday 6th of October every day good conditions. And what's best to the different directions. La Plata, Cuba, Rocky Mountains, New England, Hawaiji and Japan. Also some Aussies. No FFF's, but some japanese stations hunted for 15 years. List of the best tomorrow.

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