Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WCMC Wildwood NJ 1230 kHz

WCMC played Timeless Favorites NOS -tunes at the time I picked up it. It was mixed up with CFFB and CFGN but because of its great music it was easily recognized on 1230 kHz. I had to wait for a verification for a couple of days but after a while President of the Equity Communications LP mailed me back and verified my report and MP3 -audio. Also WCMC was audible very early - I picked up WCMC's first tunes as early as 20:30 UTC one evening on ENOX19.

WNSH Beverly MA 1570

WNSH Beverly on 1570 surface on ENOX19 just a few minutes before it switched to the night power which is only 85 watts. It was 20:59 UTC when I picked up WNSH - so quite early for a coastal US station. WNSH's day power is 30.000 watts and the signal was quite loud for a while. CFAV "The Boomer" tried to beat WNSH and later on it did succeded in doing this.
WNSH's chief engineer verified and attached also the excerpt from their automatic transmitter logs showing the power change at 21:15 UTC (4:15 EST).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CFGN Port aux Basques NL 1230

During the ENOX19 some stations used to surface quite early in the evening. Especially many stations from Newfoudland and Labrador had the decent signals very early. CFGN on 1230 kHz was quite easy to hear but identifying the station needed a little luck. However, on one evening I managed to pick up CFGN mentions and IDs twice and neither of those IDs were any network IDs on the top of the hour. CFGN in Port aux Basques is a part of Newcap Radio which runs FM and AM stations all over Canada.
When I captured CFGN there were also WCMC Wildwood, NJ and CFFB Iqaluit NU audible at the same time on 1230 kHz.
I have seldom received a QSL on Sunday. However, CFGN emailed me just a few hours ago a kind email. And today is Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WHLI Hemstead NY, 1100 - The nostalgia songs from Long Island

According to the verification I received Wednesday from WHLI my report was the seventh one coming from Scandinavia in the past couple of months. WHLI surfaced nicely with NOS -songs on ENOX19 early in the evening. The signal wasn not very loud but it was clear. This time WHLI aired the Lucky Buck Alert -contest promos and played the Harry Connick Jr's version of the famous Billy Joel song "Just The Way You Are". It sounded fine!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

KUHL Santa Maria CA 1440

ENOX17 back in October 2009 offered a couple of nice new catches for me. One of them was KUHL Santa Maria in California on 1440 kHz. This one has been heard in couple of times in Scandinavia but it is definitely not the most usual catch on 1440 kHz.
KUHL faded in and out on one October morning in Enontekiö. Once again SDR-14 and SpectraVue offered a nice signal and after a couple of emails the station's management kindly verified my report and MP3 audio.
By the way, RFSpace is introducing a new SDR receiver, SDR-IP, that could be the next step in the SDR era. Stay tuned for the first test results and more details about this receiver via PUDXK...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

WPNW Zeeland MI 1260 - "The Pledge"

It's always interesting to check SV -files and dig TOHs and the breaks of the syndicated programs.The other night I went thru some interesting stuff on ENOX19 recordings and came across a very clear and loud "The Pledge" slogans on 1260 kHz after a few minutes reasarching. This was the first time I heard WPNW and I was surprised since the reception was so clear and loud. I sent a report and an mp3 audio to the station and next evening I received a kind verificaton from WPNW's music director.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

KHOB Hobbs NM 1390 verified - finally!

KHOB in Hobbs, New Mexico on 1390 surfaced nicely on the top of the hour on ENOX19. KHOB is an ESPN station for South Eastern New Mexico.
V/s told that KHOB was running 1 kw drectional at that time. He also told that there have been some ice- and snow showers lately in the Hobbs area.
It is always a real thrill to pick up a New Mexico station on AM. I heard KHOB for the first time on a studio recording about 30 years ago. It sounded a very nice station back then and now when I picked it up live it still sounded exciting.
This is the first KHOB QSL in Finland.