Wednesday, January 03, 2007


2-3rd of January
Two quite similiar days. Weak SA and NA signals in the night. Best signals towards Brasil and Argentina at 07-08.15utc. Several FFF-loggings.

1st of January
Yankees all day till 12utc. Best signals to the GL-area, f. ex KFNX 970. A few mexicans today. Some loggings from the previous days: WKOB1600, KUTR, WOSU 820, KRLD, WKJK, WNWI 1080.

31st of December
NA whole night and day, but mostly only fair cx. Best opening towards the Great Lake area around 12 utc: KOKK 1200, KBRF 1250, WPDR 1350. Hardly any LA on the band,

30th of December
Mixed NA whole day. Best one WNEM 1250. Hardly any from LA.

29th of December
Disappointment. Mixed fair cx all night and day. Some peaks to Orinoco and Cuba, f.ex. Rebelde 560 and 610, Cadena Agramonte 910, R Popular Cali 1080, Reloj Bucaramanga 1120, KRCN 1060 13utc.

28th of December
JPR jointed the group. Fair cx to brasil, fex. R Atalaia 1310 and LP. NA from central part and some mex in the morning and afternoon. Some loggings XEBI 790, XEEY 660, XEGNK 1370, XEPH 590, KBEW 1560, KATE 1450, WRDB 1400, KXEO 1340, Reloj Cuba 1020.

27th of December
MTM started alone on the 27th. Fair LA in the night, and some NA in the morning. Best ones WKRC 550 and WBNS 1460.

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