Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Final log and analysis of LEM234

In the end of this message is link where you will find short analysis about identified NA-stations in LEM234 pedition 4th - 11th of November 2006. Final log you will find from LEM234 log

The conditions was mostly fair during pedition week. After coronal hole disturbance 4th of November the conditions came whole time better and the best conditions was just in beginning of new coronal hole disturbance 9th of November at 12utc. As many times before it was also now possible to pick up some NA stations also 12 hours later at 2300utc - for example KCIM and WLRM 1380 (FFF). Graveyards was whole week disappointment. Only 9th of November was good.

The best times to listen was around 23 utc (for example FFF: WLRM 1380 and WATR 1320) and then from 03utc to late afternoon. Best time to catch identifications was top of hour, half hour and 5-6 minutes and 2 minutes past the hour.

From directions - I noticed that the best directions to antennas would be 302, 316 and 333 degrees and of course Alaska antenna 357 degrees.

Some stations was very common: For example KGVO Missoula 1290 and KHNC Johnstown 1360. So it was impossible to pick up for example KRKK Rock Springs 1360.

In next analysis I have counted all identified NA stations which are listed in 2 column in EJH KOJE-list. However not WYLL-1160 and KVNS-1700 (very common) and not 1 column stations (why KDHL-920 is there?). Note that I have counted same station only once in 30 minutes.



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