Friday, January 26, 2007

The new KVAN-1560 was heard on PAX69!

TuA joined the PAX69-crew late Thursday evening. The equipment is two SDR-14s and a WR 313e. This DXpedition began in Parkalompolo already last week when two Italian DXers and Stewan Wikander from Timrå, Sweden arrived in Parka. The third Italian listener came on Thursday night as well.

TuA's start wasn't too bad with some nice stations on Friday morning and afternoon. For instance WSAU-560, WTVN-610, WBEN-930 and KEIN-1310 had decent signals. However the most interesting station today was the new one on 1560 kHz, KVAN Burbank, WA. It uses the old KVAN WA-1550 calls and had a huge signal. It played oldies songs like Eagles etc. and annouced AM and FM IDs. The signal was badly off the frequency - the correct frequency is 1559.980 kHz.

The solar weather looks promising for Saturday and Sunday... let's see what happens! TuA

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