Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Analysis of High Latitute DX-conditions

I made recently a quick analysis of DX-conditions on MF (MW) of TA and Far East signals captured in Southern Finland during the first hald of the dx-season (august-december). Although quite a few dxers are blaming the conditions not being what is usually expected at this time of the sunspot cycle there has been some good openings almost on every month. However when looking more at for example the solar wind speeds there was a move from weekdays (in Sept.) towards the weekends (after October) of the high speed levels (700-900 km/s). So listening during weekends was not too good due to the recurrent coronal holes and high speed levels. As many of us know, also the "Auroral Index" is a very suitable method to forecast the conditions especially when signal paths accross the Auroral zone (oval). As you can see at the picture the low Auroral Indexes correspond very well to the observed "good TA / Far East mw-conditions". The full story can be read (in Finnish) at "Radiomaailma" Magazine 1-2007.

The days (1-6) marked on the picture are: 1) 21...22 Nov 2) 6...7 Nov 3) 16...17 August 4) 15 September 5) 12 October 6) 5 December.
73 TK
PS: Coming "soon" comparison of SDR-14 & SDR IQ - sdr-receivers - Stay tuned!

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Any news on the SDR-IQ performance yet?

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