Thursday, January 29, 2009


It took some time to announce the December station at King´s Village. That´s the time of "new recording DX-machines". Maybe we are approaching the era of just saying "Last year I have logged 50 Tbytes of stations - I will be back later on".

As noted earlier I will try to pick up here the most interesting station of my loggings each month. Usually it is a new logging to me or some other kind of interesting happening like "special reception conditions".

In december the conditions were generally good. However the best reception was again concentrated to the North (North America) mainly with some exceptions. The conditions towards Asia - Pacific were not that good at my QTH. With modest antennas you have to follow the band quite frequently and mainly at sunriset or sunset times. One of the most interesting days to me inDecemeber was actually the 2nd December. The conditions towards Mexico City were remarkable good at around local sunrise in Finland. I was capturing the band from about 1290 upwards and found in about 15 minutes several stations with nice signals on 1290, 1410, 1470 and 1500. There were some unidentifies signals also which seems to be "somewhere in my HD".
The stations with best signals were: 1290 XEDA México DF., 1410 XEBS La Sinfonola, México, 1470 XEAI Radio Fórmula and 1500 XEDF R Fórmula, México. The Formulas 1470 / 1500 have been heard several times but at my QTH 1410 and 1290 very rarely, the last one only once since by DX-career.

So I decided to give the name of "December DX-station" to XEDA México 1290! From the stations web-page I can read that the station is not a young one- rather excatly it was 72 years old!
From the stations web-page:Radio "13" was officially inaugurated the December 3, 1936, broadcastingon AM band at 680 kHz. At first it was operating by Pedro Riestra and then by Angel Fernandez, its programming in the early forties was based on Hispanic music, with programs like " Spanish Times”. In 1945, Guillermo Morales Blumenkron Radio took control of Radio 13 and began transmitting and five years later, it began transmitting cinemas / billboard - programs with the "Cinema of Mexico." At that time it was known as "Soap Station California Gardens and transmitting already on 1290 KHz. Nowadays it seems to be mainly talk/sports etc.
Also this one web-feed as well and seems to be reliably heard via web as well.

The announcement of the January 2009 King´s Village Station will be posted soon, so stay tuned!
73 TK

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