Saturday, October 31, 2009

LEM281 update - 30.10


As a minor disturbance began, signals also started coming earlier. Again directly from the direction of the Great Lakes, but no mixing with any LA. Many stations (such as WQLR-1660, WKSH-1640, KCJJ-1630, KFNW-1200, KFAN-1130 and KFAB-1110) outside the "usual" had audio already 2130 UTC or shortly there after. Signals came and went in fairly short intervals - it was obvious that there was some minor disturbance going on. However, the conditions did not develop to a daytimer party of any better sort. Still, with such early signals, the reordings are worthwhile to be checked carefully.

Gradually, signals in the night got weaker and weaker and it wasn´t any specifically good idea to try to chase them all night. In the morning, again, signals started to be good as the clock got close to 06 UTC. Midwest-rockies, mixed with some MEX. Fairly nice signals for some periods until 0940 UTC, when the conditions were cut like with a knife...

Nothing until sudden opening towards the upper west coast with huge signals from 1230 UTC onwards. Even the GY-frequencies performed strong, but the "quality" of stations tended to be limited to those heard already anywhere between 10-1000 times. For the first time during our LEM-week, the signals kept their strength until local sunrise - and some (such as KTBK-1210, KOUU-1290, KCLK-1430 and KGDD-1520) far beyond, almost until 16 UTC.

Still, it was not easy to find new ones from an area where conditiond have so often laid. New technology (IQ´s and Perseus) will certainly help in this, as we have (or if we ever have...) time to listen "every scratch" carefully.

As we write this at 2130 UTC, signals from the same direction are again coming in, with KKCQ-1480 identified at 2130. One more night and day to go. Well see...

Some of the more interesting loggings: KCOL-600, XESO-1150, XEIB-1170, KZMK-1240, KFBC-1240, KGRG-1330, KHMS-1420, KNTB-1480, KBIS-1490, KMBD-1590.

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