Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LEM281 27.10 update


Interesting developement: better indexes, generally worse conditions...

The night started with absolutely no signals before 01 UTC, then some LA, but nothing fancy. In the morning, between 06-07 UTC, fair to good signals from NA, but without direction. At this time with general type conditions it is almost not worth to listen to anything else but TOH and half hours, since local nighttime programming has very little content from a DX-ing point of view.

However, the signals abruptly died out totally before 08 UTC and did not return but at around 1130 UTC. Then one hour fair-good signals towards the Rockies-West Coast, but only to the northerly states, except a few interesting signals from California and Mexico in the same direction. Again, signals died completely out around 1330 UTC. Before that, a couple of interesting NHK-2 from the 1320 break, but no Pacific at all, just "mediocre chinese" as far as we can tell...

Highlights of the day (with a couple from recordings from the previous days): KERR-750, KFMB-760, KPDQ-800, XEKE-980, WZFG-1100, KBND-1110, KGRG-1330, KPRK-1340, KTAQ-1340, KCAP-1340, KWRM-1370, XEKT-1390, KMOG-1420, KZNX-1530, KWBG-1590, JOSB-1602, JOFD-1602, JOCB(JOFD)-1512, JOTC-1467.

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