Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KOGA - a fine NOS -station on 930 kHz

After identifying KOOQ North Platte on 1410 kHz on ENOX17 I took a look at stations' locations and distances from Enontekiö in Nebraska and surrounding states. I found out that among the stations that should be audible at the same time is KOGA in Ogallala, Nebraska on 930 kHz. So I tuned to 930 kHz and after a couple of minutes a station with local ads and PSA for Ogallala faded in. It also played fine tunes like Steven Bishop's "On And On" from 1970's. I made a mp3 -clip, wrote a report and sent them to the KOGA's personality that Roland Sandberg kindly let me now.
A nice email along the verification came in about 24 hours.
Tnx Rolle fr v/s!

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