Friday, October 09, 2009

ENOX17 – October 9, 2009

When you look at the current solar weather it should be clear that right now we have the top conditions with TA –signals on the medium wave. However, I have been facing a lot better conditions several times with much worse solar weather. Okay, TA –stations have been audible every night, morning and day but somehow signals have not been so loud and clear as they could be with these K- and A –values.
Last night was poor. In the morning stations from coast to coast were audible but signals were not too strong and they faded in and out all the time. Stations faded mostly away as early as around 08:00 UTC. Later in the afternoon some west coast dominants as well as Alaskans and some GYs were audible for a while. So this was the worst day of ENOX17 so far - hopefully cxs get better during the coming weekend.
As for the good news. I have received some nice veries today including WIND-560, KIHH-1400, KZNX-1530. Earlier this week KWKH-1130 verified my ENOX17 report with an email. Otherwise it has been sunny day with the temperatures between -20 and -3 degrees Celsius.

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