Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ENOX17 - Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heavy snowstorm hit Enontekiö today . There is already about 5 cms white snow on the ground around tne QTH and it’s still snowing hard. Temperature is -8 degrees C. Luckily I walked thru and checked all the antennas yesterday when it was sunny all day long.
Today was the best day so far on ENOX17. I slept later than I planned last night and so actually I don’t know if there were conditions before 00:00 UTC. Anyway the rest of the night wasn’t good at all but fortunately conditions got better after sunrise.
Many loud and clear signals for example from the Lakes District were audible before noon. Signals were quite stable and I was lucky to pick up some new stations for me. From today’s logbook: WVNA-1590, WCCN-1370, WPDR-1350, WCLU-1490 and KZNX-1530.

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