Thursday, October 29, 2009

LEM281 29.10 update


The evening started "slow" again, however again with early signs of the direction being to the Great Lakes area. No LA or east coast "early openers", but directly to stations like WWKB-1520 and WRRD-1510.

At 23 UTC signals were barely above the level that it seemed worthwhile to have the SDR´s recording. One hour later, somewhat stronger and from time to time readable signals even on the graveyard frequencies. The general feeling was that it was worth listening but little hope of any "big fish".

Morning started slower than most mornings. At 06 UTC practically nothing, at 07 UTC a bit better, but still weak. From there on, no big signals either, but every now and then an interesting station "popped in", so the interest for listening was kept alive. Around 10-12 UTC the going was good and the direction was concentrated to the Great Lakes with morning programs in full swing due to the advantageous situation regarding the U.S. move to Standard Time only this coming weekend.

But again, the fun would not last forever...for some reason the condition started to weaken already before 12 UTC and practically died out shortly there after. Only some of the most usual west coast remained on the band until 14 UTC.

In between, quick checks for the Pacific and Japan gave a couple of stations, even if the conditions did not appear very interesting - just lots of difficult languages...

Earlier we reported that it would be unlikely that any new stations from the 24 October NZ-opening would be found. We were wrong, since we forgot to check also the Radio New Zealand national service frequencies: RNZ 1458 (Westport) and RNZ 819 (Tauranga) were noted...shame on us !

Some of the more interesting stations last night and this morning: WNWI-1080, WPDR-1350, KCAR-1350, KRFO-1390, KFIZ-1450, KBMW-1450, KMSD-1510, KCHA-1580, KOKB-1580, KGUM-567, KUAM-630.

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