Thursday, October 29, 2009

LEM281 update 28.10


CBG-1400 appeared early, at around 2030 UTC, but the conditions towards NA did not develop too well. Instead, lots of LA started appearing quite early and it was Spanish all over with good signals. NA started to join the party around 0000 UTC, but it was already too late for anything remarkable.

In the morning NA started to stregthen rapidly after sunrise with good signals, mainly from the Rockies to West Coast, once again. But all the time there was more and more concentration towards Southern California and from around 08 UTC to about 10 UTC it was better than either one of us had ever experienced. Stations seldom heard or never before logged came in with crystal clear signals. There will be a lot of interesting stuff on the recordings in addition to those already identified when listening "live".

As you would expect, such fun cannot last too long, and the peak of the conditions was gone after 1030 UTC. Only some of the most common stationswere left with "dizzy" signals. And even those died out before 14 UTC. No Pacific or Asia in general in the afternoon/early evening.

But in all, what a day !

Best stations logged live: KUGN-590, KGEZ-600, KWDN-720, KCNO-830, KHHO-850,KPAM-860, KLFF-890, KXLO-1230, KLBS-1330,KPRK-1340, KVTO-1400, KSUN-1400,KCLX-1450, KLIV-1590.

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