Thursday, October 15, 2009

ENOX17 – October 14, 2009

The conditions to North America during the last few days have been quite good. Mostly east coast on nights, in the morning east coast together with Cubans and South Americans and later west coast as usual. A couple of Hawaii and Alaska openings in the afternoon. Especially last Sunday was great towards AK and HI and during this opening KXLJ-1330 and KMBQ-1430 were both well audible on ENOX17.

Many fine IDs, great stations and huge signals have been saved on the disks. It will take some time to go thru all of them. I have checked, let’s say…, about 1% of all the material so far so there is plenty of interesting moments ahead. Here is the link to the first draft version of ENOX17 -log. It will be updated during the coming weeks and months as soon as there are new loggings available.

It’s time to pack and drive home tomorrow. All the best to all KONG-, PAX-, AND- and LEM -crews during this season. Thank You - ENOX17 is signing off.


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