Monday, October 19, 2009

New Alaskans 1330 and 1430 have verified

It's nice to capture new stations every now and then - especially from a state like Alaska. Since KXLJ-1330 and KMBQ-1430 began broadcasting during the last season I have been hunting them in every possible occasion. During ENOX17 I was lucky to pick up them both at the same time late in the afternoon. KXLJ is an ESPN affiliate and KMBQ aired local broadcasting when I heard them. KXLJ had a fine TOH ID and KMBQ used frequently it's slogan instead of call letters. KMBQ's frequency drifted between 1430.010 kHz and 1430.020 kHz during the listening period (about an hour) and it was never on it's nominal 1430.000 kHz.

KXLJ verified very quickly with an email. V/s told that they have actually received reports from Scandinavia even earlier but the listeners' mp3s had been so faint and distorted that the station management has not been able to identify KXLJ on them. So the v/s officially verified my report to be the first correct report that KXLJ has ever received. KMBQ verified with a short email including a complete verification.

My total AK is now 46.

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