Sunday, November 01, 2009

LEM281 - last update


Our last evening started pretty much the same as many previous nights. No trace of east coast NA, but directly to the Great Lakes region again with KKCQ-1480 and KFNW-1200 appearing at 2120 UTC with good signals - an incredible 2 hours before local sunset. However, the signals did not develop very much durng the best daytimer period. Only after 0000 UTC the band was gradually filling up with midwest-rockies area signals. The conditions were more diverified than some other nights, so there were no specific highlights in the night.

Again signal were weaker between 02-06 UTC but gained strength again in the morning, still in the same direction. Around 10 UTC the upper west coast opened very nicely with station all the way from OR to upper BC, with AK and HI also joining the party with good and clear signals. Some fading in and out took place, but signals came back again as quickly as they had disappeared only a while ago.

The AS side was fairly good to Japan already from 11 UTC on with all possible asian languages joining them gradually. No trace of any interesting OS.

The stregth of signals started deteorating gradualla around 1230 and we started packing. One receiver was alll the way to 14 UTC, but the signals had already faded to an uninteresting level.

Most interesting stations logged: KVOK-560, KRTA-610 (huge signal), CFLD-760, CKOR-800, CFBV-870, KXLJ-1330.

Time to say goodbye - the sets were left warm for LEM282, and as far as we know at the time of writing this, the going has continued "better than just mediocre".

Thanks for following the developements with LEM281


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