Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pedition Muhos 6th – 9th November 2006

Simo S. Soininen and Hannu Romppainen took part in a DX pedition in Muhos on 6th – 9th November 2006. Although SF was 86, A-index 0 and K-index 0 the conditions were not so nice we expected. Mostly dominant stations were heard.

On Monday 6th November we started listening with some British stations, also Irish Radio North 846 was identified with C&W music after 1810 UTC. Lots of Spanish and even Portuguese station were heard during the evening also. The first North American station we picked up was KIXX Country on 780 just before 2100 UTC. The normal dominants like VOWR 800, CJCB 1270 and CKEC 1310 became loud and clear. After 2250 UTC we were able to hear Bible Broadcasting Network from Bermuda on 1280. This was a new country for me. Later in the night WDEA 1370 and WENE 1430 came from the eastcoast USA. Simo S. Soininen took his good old Philips (model 1953) to Muhos. He got some nice signal from stations like KGA “Big Talker” on 1510.

In the next morning around 0600 UTC the MW band was full of Venezuelan stations, the strongest was Radio Nacional Venezuela, Barcelona on 1310. Around 0900 UTC there were westcoast yankees on 1530, 1550 and 1600. On Tuesday 7th November at 1200 UTC we enjoyed listening three japanese stations, JOLF 1242, JOFR 1278 and JOIF 1413. However, the Chinese stations were the strongest Asian stations in Muhos. Around 2230-0000 UTC we got for instance WDRC 1360, WRIG 1390 and CHKT 1430.

On Wednesday 8th November we heard several X-band yankees. The strongest was KCJJ on 1630 around 0040 UTC. The morning was a disapointment as we did not hear any US stations from the westcoast. In the afternoon Chinese stations became loud and clear. Shandong Renmin Guangbo Diantai had the best signal on 1548 kHz with occasional QRM from DW. One mystery station was heard on 1602 with English language lesson. This maybe from China or Japan. The reception was too weak to get more details. After 1230 UTC the band was full of Pakistan and Indian stations. Radio Pakistan was heard on frequencies like 1152 and 1332. They even had the news in English at 1300 UTC. AIR Varanasi played nice sitar music on 1242 although there was some QRM from Voice of Vietnam.

The last 24 hours did not give us good catches. The only US station we heard was 1520 at 0300 UTC. In the morning there were several dominant Venezuelan stations as well as few Puerto Ricon stations like 580 and 1280. Around 0700 UTC our pedition was over. The weather was mild during the four days we spent in Muhos near Oulu. We notices some electrical cuts as the trees were fallen down because of the heavy snow weight. Luckily we were able to return back from Muhos. Tens of new stations were heard. Mostly dominant ones.

The road to the cabin was blocked by trees under heavy snow weight. It took a while before the route was clear for DX-listeners.

Simo S. Soininen tested his good old Philips in a pedition in Muhos. The Big Talker 15-10 KGA came loud and clear with his receiver.

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