Monday, November 06, 2006

LEM234 - November 6th

NA from 21:30UTC to 08:15. Weak/moderate signals most of the time and so cxs offered nothing very special in the night. However in the morning a couple of nice east coast stations like WROD Daytona Beach, FL-1340, WLLV Louisville, KY-1240 and WDJA Delray Beach, FL-1420 were captured with clear signals. Also KPRK Livingston, MT-1340 and KQDJ Jamestown, ND-1400 were heard.

Some sleeping breaks again in the morning and in the afternoon we checked four antennas of the LEM -antenna array.

Unfortunately sunspots number 921 and 922 are active at the moment and this makes the solar weather quite unstable.

We got more snow today and the the temperature is around -12 degrees Celsius.

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