Friday, November 10, 2006

A new antenna tested

Finally got my new miniwhip antenna. The size is about 4x8 cm(whip) + power feed unit of 5x5cm. The Miniwhip "pa0rdt" arrived and was briefly tested both at my home qth (urban) and at King s Village place (rural). I have not yet any figures of the performance but the conlusions are:
- you have to put it as high as porrible (as you can see, being on the head of the snow man of 1 meter is too low!)
- better to have it at least 10-20 meters from the local-QRN (house) - it performed rather ok at rural qth with low man made noise as far as background noise is concerned
- the signal it delivers is less than other antennas I comprared (ALA100, 150 m longwire, KAZ 10x40 and BOG/BUS 300m)
- signal to noise level is ok with rather low noise level although it is an active antenna
- the signal level drops radically when you transfer the antenna inside of the house; it is not for inside use
73 TK

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