Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LEM234 - 8th of November

CKEC New Glasgow, NS-1320 made the record during LEM234 being audible Tuesday evening as early as 1950 UTC - the record so far was 2130UTC. Common stations from NF, NS and ME were audible late in the evening and some usual east coast stations faded in soon after 22UTC.

Because of the USA Senate Elections results on almost every single US -station and as we both were quite tired we slept three hours in the night. Since some NA was audible at the same time we recorded the files continously. In the morning between 0530-0730UTC we concentrated in the lower MW -band as we noticed quite strong opening between 530-1000 kHz. This was the first time that the lower band offered something more serious to listen to. Almost every frequency gave something - mainly stations from the east coast, QC and ON and a couple of stations from Cuba and Mexico. AK and HI in the afternoon and otherwise more or less diminants all day in the upper band.

We expect still one or two good and interesting nights and days to NA just before the coming CH disturbance will kill the conditions on Friday night. Hopefully we could enjoy conditions concetrating to the certain areas of the US and Canada. So far we have had stations almost from coast to coast the same time.

Weather today - sunny and -25 degrees. Nice moonlight and bright stars in the sky at nightime and no Northern Lights…yet!

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