Thursday, November 30, 2006

KSEN Shelby MT 1150 - verification

This station has been on my "the most wanted" list since the beginning of my DXing back in 1970's. I have heard it a couple of times but always with very poor signal and noisy IDs. This time, November 9, 2006, the signal was loud and clear and the station played fine country songs.
The station identified as "Keep it right here on AM 11-50 KSEN". They sent me a kind e-mail in 12 hours:

"Yes, sir, that was KSEN radio you heard, and the signal was much stronger than the recordings we usually receive!
KSEN's signal is 5,000watts at night, with a four-antenna system that beams it most strongly to the north. I receive several letters each winter from DXers in Norway and Sweden, but you are one of the few from Finland.
KSEN is located in Shelby, Montana, which is 35 miles south of the US/Canada border, and about 50 miles east of Glacier National Park, a place you must visit someday.

Thank you for tuning in!

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