Thursday, November 09, 2006

LEM234 - 9th of November

We woke up not until 2150UTC Wednesday night in spite of the excellent solar weather indicies. At the time stations from Maritime Privices were audible just like the previous evening. We noticed also stations from Wisconsin and Iowa but the stations were again the most common ones. 0530UTC-0815UTC the lower band offered some nice stations from North- and South Dakota and Mexico as well.

Quite good conditions all day long on the upper band until 1430 UTC. Fine MT- and ID opening in the end of this Thursday. Obviously we captured a daytimer station in the late afternoon but however, it needs some further investigations. It will surely take many, many hours to go thru all the recordings we have made…

At the moment the solar wind started to rise and K-index 4 is expected according to the NOAA website. We are waiting for interesting evening opening.

Weather today - cloudy with snow showers and -10 degrees. Because of the cloudy weather we are not going to face possible Northern Lights tonight.

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TK said...

Nice work boys up there. It is great you inform about all the loggings as well. Nice pictures as well
73 TK