Friday, November 10, 2006

Kings Village antennas after snow storm

Yes; The KAZ (10x40) survived the latest snow storm in Southern Finland. The BOG (beverage on the ground) is now BUS (beverage under snow, see the black wire going into the snow in the pic) after the accumulated snow of about 20 cm. It seems the performance of the BOG/BOS (300 m, NE) is still ok for Far East on MF (MW), but snow and ice (the wire freezed on the surface of the earth) does make something to the performance on the tropical bands (2-5 MHz). It still works and it is QUIET, but also the strength of the sw signals is (propably) less than before, what is noted when trying to hear Aboriginal music from ARDS 5050.

Conditions has been good to East all the October with a lot of Chinese and Japanese - good levels at times - and some Philipinos (like 1269, 1314, 1476.1) and a few new Thai for me (1278, 1224). Although the geomagnetic indices were very good during the last few days, the conditions towards West has been rather poor with some early openings to Canada (like CBG 1440.01 19.30) - but not so good in the mornings. Just now, as predicted the minor storm by the CH has arrived. Let´s see if something happens with the new sunspot ! 73 TK

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