Thursday, November 23, 2006

BOG appears under the snow, some dx

After a few weeks of heavy rain almost all of the snow (which reached to a max. 40 cm!) in SE Finland is gone and the BUS is again a BOG, as you can see. But what is a mysterioius ball in the picture? Maybe something telling about the current geomagnetic situation with minor storm?

Anyway a few good days of some dx-stations lately like: DYVS 1233 Philippines, HRVC Honduras 1390, R Recuerdos (presumed) 1420 (slightly above - +16Hz var. - of the usual Marabina, R Adventista/ LV Esperanza Panama 1560 - together w Santa Maria de la Paz Medellin - the usual dominant. The last one was strong enaugh of good copy at my urban QTH Espoo with WinR313e + ALA-100 loop of 3x7m on Nov 21st!

Last night my KAZ-mast at the Kungsb√∂le QTH collapsed after about 2 months of use. There was no problem with the snow and ice but the heavy rain made the telescopic system to collapse as there is not yet tapes in the joints. Now the mast is about half of it´s total length of 10 meters (5 meters) and thus the KAZ is a bit flat one. Have to test how it affects the signals!

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