Friday, November 16, 2007

LEM251: 10-17.11 (TAK, YK)

Friday 16.11

LEM251 (TAK , YK ) final report 16.11.07: Lousy night, morning and day. Towards NA mainly dominants all over the continent. In the afternoon some Philippine stations. LEM251 will return from the bushes tomorrow. Bye to all .

Wednesday 14.11

LEM251 (TAK,YK ) report 14.11.07 : Poor night and morning to NA . In the day some West Coast, mainly power houses. In the morning interesting BR/IB-cx up to 9 UTC. Asia nearly dead. Interference from electric fence very annoying! Apparently the coronal hole has started its effect .

Tuesday 13.11

LEM251 (TAK,YK) report 13.11.07 : Conditions detoriated in the night notably. However, some NA almost all day; mainly dominants with some GY openings. Interesting opening towards Britain and Spain in the morning. Asia poor, except China strong (of course ) . At 21 UTC some weak NL etc coming in.

Monday 12.11

LEM251 (TAK,YK ) rpt 12.11.07 : Good cx to NA all night and day. No trace of OC, only one HI . Japs poor. Had to get some sleep; now at 20 UTC NL's are pouring in. See, how long this lasts. Only two PNG´s found active (3335 and 3905 plus carrier on 3220 ) .

Sunday 11.11

LEM 251 (TAK,YK ) is up at Lemmenjoki. Good cx to NA, but lots of dominants. Also some Japs,eg NHK1 local ID of JOLG 1368 at 10 UTC. First NA now audible at 19 UT , cx probably lasts again until15 UTC. SDR-IQ found very useful despite opposite opinions! Tnx to JMS for borrowing an NRD

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