Thursday, November 08, 2007

ENOX3: 6-8.11 (TUA)

Wednesday 7.11

Fine day with many interesting stations on the lower band. West coast stations didn't dominate all day this time. Instead of strong WA- and OR -stations some nice surprises were heard from MT and ID. From today's logbook: KBSU-730, KXLX-700, KERR-750 and KJJR-880. Today's low temperature -21C and sunshine all day long. TuA will drive home on Thursday and HN continues on ENOX3 from now on.
I was on the road all day long on Tuesday and I didn'n done any live DXing. However, after quick check to the recorded files in the evening clearly indicated nice cx with strong and clear signals all day. Hopefully recordings fill offer at least some new ones for me...

Right now (5:25 UTC) the band is full of NAs with decent signals. Talking about QSLs. I just got a very friendly verification from WCCW-1310 to my mailbox. The station was picked up here in Enontekiö a couple of weeks ago. Next blog report will be in the evening. ENOX3/TuA

Tuesday 6.11

Arrived in Enontekiö late in the evening. About from 21 UTC first NF -stations faded in. Later on the usual US east coast dominants as well as Brazilians. Stay tune for more news from ENOX3 during the next few days. TuA

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