Thursday, November 15, 2007

ENOX4: 7-14.11 (HN)

Thursday 15.11

ENOX4/14.11: In spite of the CH-effects, some stations came in around 21 UTC, WLIB-1190 again excellent at 22 UTC. WAUK-1510 until 23 UTC, when conditiond died out. In the morning and daytime only KBRW-680.

Drove 130 km down to Ylläs. Around 2230 UTC stations suddenly rose, WOOD-1300 with a HUGE signal. On 1510 WAUK again until 23 UTC, at 2303 KMSD and at 2315 the Colorado station announcing "Mile high sports"//1570. Nothing in the morning of 15.11. HN

Tuesday 13.11

ENOX4/13.11: CH-effect arrived and cx got weak. Short openings in the evening with NY strong for 10 min at 22 UTC. Around 00 UTC some WI. Short opening towards AR and PAR around 06 UTC. NA almost dead all day, but suddenly clear common signals from WA 14-1430 UTC. WLIB-1190, WBKV 1470, PAR 920&1020. HN

Monday 12.11

ENOX4/12.11: Significant improvement with NA from yesterday, but still a bit unstable. 1320-CKEC with good audio already 1835 UTC. Huge NL-NS signals at 2000, opening slightly more south with 1200-WKOX and 1520-WIZZ. Midwest cx at night, dying out around 2330. Argentina at 0200 on 1030. Midwest all day, little CO, ID and WA/BC until 1415. 550-WSAU, 600-WMT, 1060-KRCN, 1240-KWIK, 1590-KTCH (stn # 44 hrd in Finland on this fq !). HN

Sunday 11.11

ENOX4/11.11 Yesterday's X-ray flux apparently "ate up" the top of the conditions. Stations already 20.15 UTC, all night and all day, until 13 UTC, but mostly interfered signals from the prairies and Seattle region only. KCCR-1240, KWYR-1260, WAUK-1510 and again KGOW-1560. HN

Saturday 10.11

ENOX4/10.11. Early opening at around 2030 UTC, improving until 0000 but mainly dominant east coast-midwest stations only. Weak between 0000-0600, then better again until 1000, but without direction. WCRN-830, CHML-900, CFFX+KLTF-960, WNED-970, KVKK-1070. From recordings WAUK-1510, KGOW Houston TX-1560. HN

Friday 9.11

ENOX4 9.11. Promising improvement from yesterday, beginning before 21UTC, but only dominants from NL to AK and down to Venezuela. Lots of recordings with little hope for something new. WFDF 910, WLNO 1060, WJMC 1240, KZIZ 1560. HN

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