Wednesday, November 21, 2007

KXLO Lewistown MT 1230 - verification

KXLO was captured for the first time ever in Finland during ENOX3. The station faded in just on the top of the hour with a clear ID following with the ABC news. KDIX was audible at the same time playing oldies and mixing up with KXLO. Luckily KXLO was the strongest one just on the hour. My report was verified with a long e-mail in 5 hours and v/s mentioned:

"I think the furthest I've heard a station that I wan't supposed to, was around 1500 miles. I remember hearing the 'mighty 690' 690am overnight when I was in Bozeman on the freeway, but that was not with a SW radio, just my car's am receiver. Actually, many people up here in mountain country can't reliably receive stations, so the use the XM or Sirius sattelite stations. So it's nice to hear that you found us bouncing so far!"

He also attached the actual cut that was played at midnight local time when I picked up KXLO.

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