Saturday, November 10, 2007

LEM250: 3-10.11 (JMS, LN)

Saturday 10.11

LEM250, 10.11.: Many NA stations already at 22 UTC and an hour later the AM band was in total chaos. Excellent, but IMPO (impossible-to-get-new-ones) conditions continue this morning. When you have 5-35 NA stations from each frequency, this is really hard work ;) We wish all the very best to the next LEM crew, as well HN in Enontekiö. Enjoy! - Lauri Niemi (LN) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Friday 9.11

LEM 250, 9.11.: DXing became wonderful again. WLQV 1500 and WWKB 1520 had good signals already at 2000 UTC!!! Two hours later the upper band was full of stations, but despite huge expectations and hard work, nothing new was heard. At 2300 UTC WLNO 1060 was like a local station, becoming the highlight of the night. NA faded away at 0030, but were replaced an hour later by Caribbean and Orinoco stations. Sunrise was very strong towards NA, also some Florida (eg. 940) were present. - Jim Solatie

Thursday 8.11

LEM250, 8.11.: Empty feeling. The national shooting tradegy touches us all. Conditions are very poor.

Wednesday 7.11

LEM250, 7.11.: Very strong NA all night and all day long. Too wide conditions, since all states and provinces are represented, i.e. stations from New Foundland to Mexico to Alaska.

Outside it looks like a winter wonderland with 10 cm of new snow, trees are beautifully covered with it and the sun is shining. Temperature is -10 Celsius. Now it is time to take a break and visit Inari primary school and give a lesson on creativity. - Jim

Tuesday 6.11

LEM 250, 6.11.: Quite good NA conditions continue, but not too exciting stations. I talked earlier today with Tuomo, who had similar feelings in Enontekiö. Mid October was much better. But let's be patient, the conditions should improve all the time. Some Brazilian stations from Sunday: Radio Cidade Esperanca 1310, Radio Regional Cicero Dantas 1320 and - with huge signal - Radio Difusoras Cajazeiras 1070. From NA today eg. CIOR 1400 and KZIZ 1560. Best 73, Jim Solatie

Monday 5.11

LEM 250, Monday 5.11.: Quite good conditions. Brazil very strong at night, then NA all day long and now in the afternoon Pilipinos and Chinese. Majuro 1098 and Kwajalein 1224 with power earlier today, but nothing else from the Pacific. Some identified stations: XEES 760, Globo 1160 and KJUG 1270.

K index is still 2, so the show has not reached its peak yet. My mobile can not receive any text messages at the moment, so I apologize the delay in replying. Kuivajärvi-lake has frozen and is currently covered with 5 cm of ice. Soon it would be in excellent condition for skating. JMS

Sunday 4.11

LEM250 (3.-10.11.), LN (Lauri Niemi) & JMS (Jim Solatie): A few centimeters of snow, -17 degrees Celsius and beautiful sunshine, a perfect way to start my 3rd expedition this fall. Strong NA all morning long, but loads of dominants. Just a few stations of interest (new ones): XEMF 780 and KMZK 1240. JMS

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