Saturday, November 03, 2007

LEM249: 27.10-3.11 (ANA, TRE)

This is the second and final report from LEM249. The delay in preparing this report was caused by the hectic listening during the final stages of our trip, and partly also by the shock of returning back to work (from which we have not yet entirely recovered).

The last 2 ½ days of LEM249 gave us pretty nice conditions towards NA. Also La Plata was strong during the night and the early morning hours. Even though stations from western U.S. dominated (the east coast was almost totally absent), the main problem with NA was the fact that the conditions lacked any clear direction. The dominants were so strong that picking up new ones was really tough work.

Although we used only conventional receivers (4 x NRD 535, 1 x NRD 545, 1 x NRD 525 – we prefer doing things the old-fashioned way!), we have loads of recordings to check during the coming months.

As far as cooking is concerned, we made history. We are convinced that the LEM-site has never seen better cooking. Even the quality of wines was unheard-of for these latitudes.

Finally some catches worth mentioning: KJAM 1390, KHOW 630, CKOV 630, WKOX 1200, XEES 760, KTSM 690, WKTY 580, KKKK 1580.


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