Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recent QSLs

KGRE Greeley CO 1450 e-mail and a promo-clip for px "La Pareja Dispareja" (f/up) tnx fr v/s TuA!

WSPD Toledo OH 1370 e-mail (f/up). According to the v/s my report has been forwarded to the Engineering Department to send a QSL.

KVTK Vermillion SD 1570 e-mail (f/up). Tnx fr v/s TuA!

JOYF Mito 1197 letter and card (f/up).

WRDW Augusta GA 1630 e-mail (fup). After e-mailing a "Thank you" message to the station, the v/s e-mailed back 9 photos of the station. In return, I e-mailed him a few photos from Lemmenjoki and his comments were: "Wow! What a beautiful area! Tnx fr v/s TuA!

CHWO Toronto ON 740 e-mail.

CJWI Montréal QC 1610 e-mail (f/up). My first name seems to sound feminine to the Quebec people, because the verification started with "Bonjour Madame", hi!

73's to all of you fellow-DXers! -jsn-

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