Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Far East DX continued at King's Village QTH

Yes. On Oct 7th so far the best day this autumn with a lot of stations from Japan, Korea and China beginning at least 2,5 hours before local sunset. Best signals on the big JO-stations like 1242, 1278 and 1350 (now easy as there is no Latvia anymore) - some with S9+20dB. By the way, the big All Nite Nippon stations have quite a few own (short) slots with own IDs on TOH and sometimes at the half hour. And there were some stations with lower power present as well, like Japanese on 1215 ("KBS") and on 1431 (tent. JOVF). Even in Southern Finland the European signals were not disturbing and continuous listening of some of the Japanese was possible for 7-8 hours. This is a sign of a sunspot minumum indeed. Also on 7th Oct there was the begining of a minor disturbance which first enhanced signals from Far East and probably reduced levels of the Europeans. Let´s see how CX develops this week before the next CH-disturbance calculated for the next weekend!


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