Friday, October 06, 2006

New Antennas at King's Village-QTH

Finally got my KAZ (picture 1) of about 10x40 meters up and working. However, it seems there might be some problems with my balun as it is not as effective as usually. Noise figures are ok with very low background noise.Also put my BOG of 300 meters at about 40 degrees on the field. This is very good compared to my usual longwire of 150 meters. My SDR14 shows background noise at about -140 dB. Checked also with some Far East stations on October 5 with a lot of Japananese (e.g. on 1242, 1278, 1287, 1314, 1332, 1350 and 1413 - most with S9 to S9+20 dB!). One new catch from Korea was audible as well on Oct5: 1305 KBS1 with call id at 17utc. Picture of the noise figures on picture 2. The difference on MW is not as big as in this example of 3935 NZ-station which was readable on BOG not on the lw - which actually was my good all-around antenna for years! - sorry the scaled picture, colors inverted!

By the way= King s Village = Kungböle (Swedish name) = Kuninkaankylä (Finnish name). A Village from the late 1700´s. This part of S-Eastern Finland was split into Russia and Sweden in 1743 and a village Pyhtää was split into two countries, thus some villages on the west bank of the Kymi River was named by the Swedes (like "Ruotsinkylä" = "Swedish Village" / Svenskby) ...


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