Friday, October 27, 2006

King s Village DX - storm Oct 27

Stormy weather just now at my dx-QTH with winds up to 20 m/s. A good test gor my KAZ-mast!
Cx varying, a lot of Asian mw-stations noted in the afternoons, some LAs and NAs in the morning. Finally yesterday good audio from ARDS 5049.92 with TC on half hour (UTC-9.5), nice Aboriginal music as well.
Best wishes to all DXers I met at EDXC conference at St Petersburg last weekend. Hope to complie a short report of the most interesting stuff there. Nice to meet old & new friends.
At the picture you can see from left: Hasse Mattisson, Mauno Ritola,Bengt Ericsson,TK. 73 tk

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