Saturday, October 07, 2006


PAX63 in Parkalompolo, Northern Sweden has been going on since September 22, 2006 when Sigvard Andersson (A) started the first Parkalompolo pedition in this season. Later on Bo Olofsson (BOS) joined PAX63 and so did Christer Koivuranta (CKL). BOS left PAX63 last Sunday and CKL will drive home this coming Sunday. Lars Hedberg (LHU) and Tuomo Ahonen (TuA) will join PAX63 crew tomorrow, October 7, late Saturday evening.

So far a couple of nice TA -stations have been logged - WBCK Battle Creek, MI-930, KVNU Logan, UT-610, WTMJ Milwaukee, WI-620 ect. All those stations had been picked up last week - there is no information available about TA conditions on PAX63 this week.

I will be updating this Blog-site with the latest news from PAX63 next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The outlooks are very good, however there is a chance for disturbance from CH 242 -stream on coming Saturday and Sunday.


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