Sunday, November 21, 2010

Real Country - KOHU Hermiston OR 1360

It was way back in 2004 when I managed to pick up KUIK on 1360 kHz. Ever since I have tried to capture another Oregon station, KOHU Hermiston, on the same frequency. KKMO usually spoils this trying and when KKMO has been seldom away I have heard a couple of times KUIK again on my 335 -beverage.
However on Novemebr 6 this year on ENOX24 both KKMO and KUIK were away and I heard country songs late in the afternoon on 1360 kHz. Luckily the signal got stronger and stronger when TOH got closer. And on TOH a DJ announced nicely: " "We are your Hometown Radio Stations. This is Real Country 1360 KOHU Hermiston-Irrigon-Umatilla".

KOHU's PD verified my report and he also attached a photo of their broadcast property on the Northwest of Hermiston.

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